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Quidkids of the Week: the Twins, Tickles & Shoulders

5 Apr

We all know at least one: those couples that merit a place among history’s greatest relationships. Romeo and Mercutio, Batman and Robin, Hamlet and Rozencrantz and Guildenstern, Harry and Ron, the list goes on.

That’s right, it’s guy love.

This week I sat down with uOttawa Quidditch’s most prolific bromance, Chaser/Keeper/Snitch Reilly “Tickles” Ragot and Chaser/Seeker/Snitch Adam “Shoulders” Robillard. When the boys aren’t ruining my life through their constant 9gag posts and arsenal of antics, they’re bro-ing out hardcore. However, they took some time from their busy schedule of tomfoolery to talk with the Quibbler about Ginny, great broments, and guyquove the likes of which you’re never seen. Brooms up!

Despite being nigh inseparable, this is one of very few pictures of the twins together.

Well, gentlemen, let’s start with your programs and years.

R: I’m in my second year of Human Kinetics. Currently I’m in the sciencey half of it with Rebeccamom but I’ll be switching to the arts side next year.

A: I’m in first year theatre and psychology with a minor in provocative posing.

And what brought the two of you to Quidditch?

R: I was walking through the UCU one Clubs Day when I felt unexplainably drawn to a table full of really good-looking people. Entranced by their beauty, my hand moved as if possessed to sign the list of interested players. Lo and behold, it was the Quidditch team.

A: Same as Reilly, but a little less magical. …I may have been trying to impress a girl I was hanging out with.

This is a big moment, folks. Adam rarely admits to being the pursuer instead of the pursued. Speaking of chasing, what positions do you play?

R: A little bit of everything. Most of the time I’m a Chaser, but I’m being trained up as the new Keeper in case our plans to sabotage Colin’s graduation don’t pan out. I also Snitch occasionally when I’m feeling troublesome.

A: I play everything but Beater and Keeper because the black headband gets lost in my luscious dark hair and the green clashes with my beautiful blue eyes.

You two were among the first to adopt Quidditch nicknames. Tell us about them.

R: I was torn between Tickles and Tackles (I’m really ticklish and I like tackling). I left it up to the team to decide (Ed: what’s a vowel among friends?) and took Claremom’s advice, and now the entire Carleton team has abandoned my real name.

A: I’m originally a hockey player so my first instinct is to drop my shoulder and run through opponents. Our first game against Carleton I was shouldering people like it was my job: hence, “Shoulders.” Then, at the Canadian Cup, my parents saw me shoulder an opponent who looked about 12 years old. Needless to say, mom was not proud of the first game she saw.

A rather incriminating pair of pictures for our team’s reputation, but the men share a refusal to pick on someone their own size.

In Tickles’ defence, it should be noted that there are, in fact, no pictures of an actual legal tackle from the Canadian Cup. It was that kind of weekend.

And what moment of your Quidditch career would you say is your proudest?

R: Seeing my name on the competitive roster after only managing to attend one tryout.

A: At Ives Pond, I was playing seeker and caught the snitch to tie the game and send it into overtime, and then I managed a three-second snitch snatch in overtime for the win. But it was no big deal.

And the worst?

R: I am actually one of the few players on our team to avoid quinjuring myself, so I really haven’t had many bad moments. A car nearly hit me on my way over to do this interview, so that I guess.

A: I got a red card at WCV, the only one the team has ever gotten. Then the announcers made fun of me, which almost made me get a second one.

Easy there, Shoulders. What houses are you boys in?

R: Hufflepuff!

A: I don’t know… not a Hufflepuff.

What is your jersey number? Is there any significance to it?

A: Mine is 93. I (along with most of the team) wanted 13 but it was taken. Frankie took 26 (twice 13 and my birthday). So, in keeping with birth numbers, I chose the year I was born.

R: 16. I wanted 4 or 13 but they were taken. I chose 16 because it’s the same as Darcy Tucker from the Toronto Maple Leafs (Ed: for our American readers, that’s a hockey team. “Hockey” is like frozen Quidditch) and he’s a badass.

Reilly’s response to the oft-used phrase “Reilly, use your nice words.”

Now let’s get to the topic the reader(s) are here for: Is there a specific moment that made you two realize your relationship was truly guy quove (quove between two guys)?

R: Well, Adam has this husband. Sometimes I sleep with it. Adam was upset when he found out, but I explained that it was really a ploy to get to him. He reciprocated the feelings and it’s been Guy Quove ever since!

A: Definitely the Terrible Shreddie Massacre of 2011 the night before WCV. It was the stuff of legends. GuyQuove flourishes on the frontlines of a battle like that.

Use three words not usually attributed to relationships to describe your bromance.

R: Pokemon, pillow, posing.

A: Pillow, Pokemon, rubber balls. Can I hyphenate rubber-balls? Well, I just did.

Let the record show that the boys were interviewed separately, didn’t see one another’s answers, and still managed 2/3 identical answers. This kind of twin-telepathy is why Adam and Reilly are often referred to as the team’s Fred and George. Which is which?

R: We’ve refused to decide. Neither of us wants to die or lose an ear.

A: I’m George. I am too beautiful to be the one who gets killed.

Pouty quidkid got a boo-boo! Claremom gave him cookies for being brave.

Now, Adam was named one of Quinksy’s Sexiest Quidkids. Adam, how did this feel? Reilly, as Adam’s identical twin, do you also feel this was a personal victory?
R: Yes, I do. Being identical, there’s no way one of us can be better looking than the other. Now, we could have different personalities that make us appealing to other people, but it’s ‘sexiest quidkid’, not ‘most appealing quidkid’. Although I do give him credit. He just had to be in the spotlight, and he made sure of that.
A: It really didn’t come as much of a surprise. It couldn’t be considered a sexy list if I wasn’t on it.

Adam is always so selfless. Each of you, describe a memorable moment of your friendship using as much innuendo as possible. The other must then guess what moment you’re referring to.

R: Sitting there, watching you posing on my couch with it in your hands. You told me you were gonna catch ‘em all and I said, “Yes you are, and nobody is going to stop you. You’re the best there ever was.”

A: Would that be me playing Pokemon in your apartment?

R: Uhh… sure. That’s exactly what I meant.

A: Not here, Reilly. Okay: we were running around, caressing our balls in public and trying to hit someone in the face with them. We were knocking on the door so hard, we just really needed to get in there and show off our lovely balls.

R: Bludger wars.

A: Correct.

Adam and Reilly like to get dirty together.

Well, now that we all lived through the obvious sexual tension between you two, name something of equal or greater Awkward-Value to a hug from Voldemort.

R: Anyone walking in on me with Adam’s husband.

A: Probably if my mother was reading the innuendo question right beside me.

If you could create a 5th Hogwarts house, what would its name, mascot, common room location and key traits be?

R: The house would be Chezbrelephuff, the mascot the Chezebrelephaffe.  Its key traits would be badassery, excellent finding skills (though not better than Hufflepuffs’ skills), a Disney-level imagination, and general confusion about your own identity. The common room would be underneath the Quidditch pitch and connected to the castle through an elaborate tunnel system.

Reilly’s house mascot.

A: The house would be Ginyufrog, the mascot obviously a frog. They would all be excellent posers, have a large ego and really long legs, and they’d be naturally good at everything. The common room would be in the lake on a giant Lilly pad.

For those well versed in Adam’s tendency to strike a pose at every possible moment, let the record show that he answered the entire last question lying down and kicking his leg frog/jazzercise-style. 

Adam strikes one of the many poses in his arsenal.

What would your best subject/major be at Hogwarts?

R: Quidditch and Defense Against the Dark Arts

A: Charms because I’m so gosh darn charming.

Hah. Tegan made that joke first. Wild Boggart appears! What would it look like and what would be your ‘ridikkulus’ thought to get rid of it?

R: It would be a small dog, and I would turn it into a hipster.

A: It would be me, but I wouldn’t be pretty. I would pull a Wilde’s Dorian Grey and it would turn into a portrait of me that got old while I remained young and beautiful forever.

Adam, you know he essentially gave up his soul, right…? Speaking of which, if you were going to hide bits of your soul, what would you use as a horcrux?

R: My motivation to do homework (I can never find it), my quove for Adam (blatantly obvious but indestructible), and that one crayon you need but can never find.

You mean the grey one?

R: Color blindness jokes. Hilarious.

A: I would use a Nokia phone, any item belonging to brother (those get lost forever), and my old iPod Nano which has somehow survived after all these years.

If you could choose a Harry Potter character to be your significant other, who would it be and what would your ideal date with them consist of?

R: Ginny. Quidditch would be involved, and then we’d get a butterbeer at Rosemerta’s and just badass around a bit. If Adam and I could decide who was Fred and who was George, I’d date him.

A: Ginny obviously. Although as a bro and a gentleman if Reilly won her love I would graciously not get in his way. However, if we did go on a date we would fly somewhere badass like the top of a mountain and we’d have a badass, delightful picnic. And pose.

Finally, who or what would you most like to see playing Quidditch? (in a world where anyone and anything could)

R: I would have an entire team of Quidditch-playing dinosaurs. Because dinosaurs are awesome, if you didn’t know. The chasers would be: a Deinonychus,  a bird-like dinosaur with rather pronounced arms capable of holding the quaffle, which is a rather important for a chaser; a Parasaurolophus, which also has good arms; and a T-rex, despite its tiny arms. (Ed: intimidation purposes, we’re guessing.) The beaters would be: an Anklyosaurus and a Stegosaurus. The Keeper would be Stompz the Tricertops, and a Velociraptor would be the seeker.

Looks like Reilly lost a Seeker!

A: Muppets v. Sesame Street.


Keeper: Sweetums

Chasers: Kermit, Fozzie Bear, Sam the Eagle (would would also be the coach)

Beaters: Miss Piggy, Animal

Seeker: Gonzo


Keeper: Big Bird

Chasers: Cookie Monster, Grover, The Count

Beaters: Ernie and Bert

Seeker: Elmo

Snitches: Rizzo the Rat, Snuffleupagus

Anouncers: Swedish Chef and Oscar the Grouch. The chef because he won’t say anything relevant and Oscar because he’ll just be grouchy and not report the game.

Reilly’s response to the oft-used phrase “Reilly, use your nice words”.

Adam’s signature Puppydog Head Tilt

This concludes our interview with uOttawa Quidditch’s most notable bros. 

Remember, you can tweet us all week with additional questions for the dynamic duo! We’re @uo_quidditch, Shoulders is @awillrobillard, and Tickles is @Ragsjr92.