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Introducing – uOttawa on Team Canada!

30 Jun

This summer, 3 uOttawa Quidditch players will make their way to London (well, Oxford) to play in the UK Summer Games and represent their team, university, and country in an exhibition Olympics game as Team Canada squares off against 5 other talented teams.


Adam “Shoulders” Robillard (alternatively “Snow Angel” – he responds to either) – Chaser:

One of uOttawa’s star players and key goalmakers, Adam is fast and physical (see also: fine, fresh, fierce). Originally a hockey player and now both a Chaser and the uOttawa Quidditch Dancemaster (he choreographed and taught the team our signature pre-game chant and dance), Adam is a younger member of the team who has already racked up quite a bit of experience at the Canadian Cup (where, after a trip to the hospital for stitches, he inquired if the nurse would be done in time for him to get back to play in our game against Carleton), the Ives Pond Invitational (where, while moonlighting as a Seeker, he caught the Snitch in the first 10 seconds of overtime and also served as one of the more flamboyant Snitches), the Ottawa tournament (where his unflagging stamina propelled uOttawa through a 55-minute game against RIT), and World Cup V (where he moonlighted as one of the commentators on Field 6). A theatre student, Adam has also been known to successfully impersonate Darren Criss.

Jamie “Ice Box” Lafrance – Keeper:

Jamie’s nickname is derived from the trend of Quidditch “fridges” – but Jamie’s got the extra power to pack a colder whack than your average fridge. His power runs down the pitch with the Quaffle (knocking opposing Chasers aside like he’s going seagull bowling) are infamous. But don’t let the grizzly-bear charges and powerful tackles fool you: Jamie’s one of the most good-natured guys I’ve ever met, and after he knocks you over he’ll pick you right back up and ask you where the afterparty is.

Tegan “Sexy Cactus” Bridge – Beater:

Tegan is one of the founders of the uOttawa team – she knows what she’s about. What she lacks in height she more than makes up for in sharpshooting and an uncanny ability to be in exactly the right place at the right time (and she does. not. relinquish. Bludgers). Though she be but little, she is fierce.* Tegan is also the volunteer coordinator for the UK Summer Games, so you should take your time to thank her for all the hard work she’s put in, both to allow our team to play and run as well as it does, and for your Olympic games to run as smoothly as I’m sure they will.**


If you would like to support Team Canada, consider buying your very own ultra-swanky Team Canada Quidditch jersey. Manufactured in British Columbia by Row West (who designed and made our very own gorgeous jerseys), these jerseys are all-Canadian and all-Quidditch.

*That’s Shakespeare, my friends. Look it up.

**Not to jinx anything.