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Quidkid of the Week #6 – Katie Sharpe

16 Mar

Faster than a speeding bludger! Able to build tall buildings in a single bound! Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s Katie Sharpe, our Quidkid of the Week! Katie is a Beater and one of the team’s ickle firsties. As an engineering student, Katie doesn’t have nearly as much free time as us mere mortals. Nevertheless, she took some time out of her busy schedule to meet with me atop her self-constructed Impenetrable Fortress of Awesome and talk nicknames and Nundus (SPOILER ALERT: she lacks but desires both). Brooms up!


Let’s start off with your program and year.

First year Civil Engineering with a specialization in Structural Engineering. Much as the team likes to tease me for it, I will remind them that there must have been some type of engineering involved in the building of Hogwarts.

Katie’s engineering prowess was integral in leading uOttawa Quidditch to the esteemed position of University’s #1 Blanket Fort Builders* (*actual title)

Katie’s engineering prowess was integral in leading uOttawa Quidditch to the esteemed position of University’s #1 Blanket Fort Builders 

Is it too late to change your specialization to Magical Engineering? The world needs more Burrow-esque, architecturally impossible buildings. Because screw physics, that’s why! Now what brought you to Quidditch?

Around the time that Prisoner of Azkaban came out my parents got the box set of the first three Harry Potter books. My dad would always take a bit of time each night and read a few chapters of them to me before bedtime. As I got older more Harry Potter books got released and it became a tradition to read each book together before we read it again on our own. I didn’t actually think about Quidditch as a viable sport until 2010 when I was talking to a co-worker (also a HP fan) who had seen an article about the Carleton University team. I was quite heart broken when I had to make the final decision between uOttawa and Carleton, knowing that uOttawa didn’t have a team. It was definitely the highlight of my first week of university when I saw the table proudly proclaiming “Quidditch!” to all of the first years.

Well, the table AND Claremom running through campus in full snitch regalia while handing out flyers. What position do you play?

I belong to the uOttawa Beater coven.

And well you should, Beaters are far superior to all other positions. I say this as an impartial interviewer who is obviously NOT a Beater. As a first-year member of the team, what would you say has been the best moment of the season for you?

It would have to be when I saw my name on the roster for the Ives Pond tournament in January. I was so excited to finally be able to play!

What was the worst?

It goes hand in hand with the best moment; when I realized I wouldn’t be able to play in the Ives Tournament since I had done something to my left ankle during the first practice back from winter break.

For anyone who keeps up with the Quidkid series, I think there’s a noticeable pattern in our players’ worst moments. We’re a quinjury-prone bunch! We’ve also got a team full of stupendous nicknames. Katie, what’s yours?

I am part of the unfortunate (elite) few that remain nickname-less. I sign my name as “She who has no nickname” on all the Quidditch doodles.

Well, lucky for you, I happen to be a wealth of nickname knowledge. Just ask Quiddad Chris! The gears are turning… While I think, why don’t you tell us about your jersey number; is there any significance to it?

I chose the number 5. I’ve been playing house league soccer for about 10 years now and number has always been either 5 or 13. Since 13 was taken I chose 5.

Katie showing off her jersey. #sexyandsheknowsit

Speaking of houses, which one are you?

I consider myself a Gryffinpuff. I like to think I have the best of both houses, as long as you consider foot-in-mouth syndrome a good trait. I have been known to think like a Ravenclaw once in a while, not very often. 

As a member of a hybrid house (Gryffinpuff), if you could create a fifth Hogwarts house, what would its name, mascot, and key traits be?

The house would be Dugranden, its mascot would be the fox, and its key traits would be trickery (ie. pranks) and cleverness.

Using some of that trademark Dugranden cleverness, please share with us your favourite HP pickup line.

I play Quidditch, there need be no other words said.

Katie “No Words- Just Emotions” Sharpe, If you could choose a Harry Potter character to be your significant other, who would it be and what would your ideal date with them consist of?

George Weasley would be my beau. We would go and play Quidditch with the alumni Gryffindor team before we went for a picnic lunch on a grassy hill somewhere. We would go exploring all over England (using his ability to apparate of course).

Katie (pictured center) doesn’t let teammates’ death or pole dancing distract her from the game.

An excellent choice, I hear the Rebeccas are still dueling over Fred. The Weasleys are definitely a popular bunch amongst our players! What would your best subject be at Hogwarts?

I think I would be rather good at Transfiguration. I am pretty good at visualizing objects with lots of detail in my head. Care of Magical Creatures would also be a good subject for me. I love learning about and being around animals.

Speaking of animals, if you had a magical pet, what would it be and what would you name it?

I would like to have a Nundu, and I would name him Todd. (The Fox and the Hound was a favourite movie of mine)

Ladies and gents, you heard it here first! Katie ‘the Carnivore’ Sharpe wants a gigantic leopard with toxic, disease-filled breath and a Ministry of Magic classification akin to that of a basilisk as a pet! It takes no less than 100 wizards to subdue such a creature, but I bet Katie gets the beast playing with a comically oversized ball of yarn faster than you can say ‘bludged’. I’m almost afraid to ask now, but what would your patronus be?

It would be a dog of some kind, probably a Labrador Retriever. I believe that the traits those dogs possess are ones that are mirrored in myself.

Terror residing. Name something of equal or greater Awkward-Value to a hug from Voldemort.

Meeting your boy/girlfriend’s parents. There is just so much that can go wrong. I do realize that I just compared said parents to Voldemort, but they are just that scary.

On the list of the many things that can go wrong, comparing them to dark wizards can’t be that high up on the list. If you were going to hide bits of your soul, what would you use as a horcrux?

I think I would take a page from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and use the most random objects that I could find. For instance, right now I see a bottle of cream, orange scissors and a speaker.

What’s Katie hiding in that scarf? BITS OF HER SOUL? The uOttawa Quibbler wants to know!

UOttawa Quidditch kindly requests that you do not play ‘rock, paper, scissors’ with bits of Katie’s soul. Katie ‘Rock, Paper, HORCRUX’ Sharpe, what magical gadget would you find most useful?

I really would like an invisibility cloak, then I can fulfill my dreams of being a super spy. I would roll around corners singing the Mission Impossible theme song, and everyone would think there was a ghost spy near them. It would be awesome!

Katie “The ‘S’ Stands for Super Spy” Sharpe, How would the room of requirement present itself to you?

Walking in the first thing I would see is a decently sized log cabin on top of a gently sloping hill and framed by tall trees. Beyond the cabin, at the bottom of the hill, a wooden dock extends into a lake full of clear blue water. The temperature is warm, but not too warm, and a gentle Southern breeze rustles the leaves. For me it would be a quiet place to think surrounded by the noises of nature


This concludes our interview with Katie “Engineering Awesomeness” Sharpe. Do you have any questions for her? Maybe a favourite colour or a deep dark secret? How about invasive personal questions about a certain Quidkid? Tweet us all your quips, queries and quaffles (okay maybe not the quaffles. Actually, you know what? Tweet us a quaffle. I challenge you.) and Katie will be bound by unbreakable vow to answer them. I’ll see you all next week. Until then, stay classy, internet.