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FAQs: Fleece, Acorns, and Quinksy Quimpernels. (That’s what those letters mean, right?)

1 Sep

Yoo halloo! Do you have more questions than Neville Longbottom has phobias? We have more answers than Hermione has… well, answers.

1) What is Quidditch? Are you guys for real? For complete and utter realsies, je vous promettez. Quidditch is a full-contact (!) co-ed sport that is a Muggle (non-magical) adaptation of the wizard sport from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Invented by students at Middlebury College in Vermont, it has similarities to rugby, dodgeball, and flag football, with a special subculture and athletic flair all its own. It is incredibly competitive, with a governing body, international (as well as national, regional, and local) tournaments, and over 600 teams in 25 countries. For more info on Quidditch as well as a great way to spend 27 minutes of your life, watch this excellent documentary on the 2010 Quidditch World Cup in NYC.

2) How do I join the team? Do you want to be on the team? Then congratulations, you’re on the team! uOttawa Quidditch welcomes any and all players regardless of skill level – just show up to our Sunday recreational practices with a broom (or broomlike implement) whenever you’d like. Once you attend 3 practices or more you’ll have to pay a $20 membership fee.

If you would like to join our competitive team, tryouts will be held on September 20th, 21st, and 22nd (times forthcoming) – we recommend attending two of them. Our competitive team will be 21 focused, committed, high-level athletes who will travel to tournaments to compete for the University of Ottawa.

3) Do I have to be a uOttawa student/undergrad/insert qualifier here? You do not need to be a uOttawa student to play with us; whoever you are, you are always welcome to come to our practices. ALL uOttawa students are welcome regardless of age or program, including grad students, international students, and exchange students.

4) What if I’m not good at sports? You can still join! We like to think that we challenge the “not good at sports” mentality – we’re a diverse group of people with plenty of different athletic backgrounds, and even if you’ve never felt at home or at ease playing sports you might find that you’ll surprise yourself in the right (read: supportive, awesome) environment. If you’re not comfortable playing – Quidditch is a very physical sport, and not for everyone – we loooooooove fans. Fans come to our practices, our tournaments, and our social events: you are just as much a part of our group as our star Chasers are, we promise. (Hilarious sideline signs are a must, though.)

5) Do you guys just run around on brooms all the time? Pretty much. It’s surprisingly natural once you get used to it. But we’re not just a sports team – we’re a community. We participate in and host all kinds of social events: movie nights, sleepovers, potlucks, charity events, Kidditch workshops, festival expos, fundraisers, bake sales, Yule Balls, ceilidhs, snowball fights, live music, blanket-fort competitions, the Spartan Race, team dinners, tea parties, swing dancing, pole dancing, bouldering, dodgeball, book clubs, pub nights, and many more. We like to give back to the community and participate in anything creative, outdoorsy, nerdy, and healthy. We’re friends. We want to be your friends.

6) How do I get in touch with you to ask a question or hear about practices? You can sign up for our mailing list by shooting an owl to uo.quidditch@gmail.com, but the easiest and fastest way to hear about practices and upcoming events is by liking us on facebook and following us on twitter. We, uh… we’re on there a lot.

7) Your jerseys are gorgeous! How do I buy one? Thank you! *preens* They are made by Row West, an awesome little Canadian company. Unfortunately for you, our jerseys are not for sale to the public, only to members of the team. However, we will soon have fan shirts and other merchandise for sale, and you can totally buy those!

8) Are you a varsity team or something? We are not an official University of Ottawa sports team in any capacity; we are, however, an official club of the SFUO/FEUO. We have represented the University of Ottawa in an unofficial capacity at several international tournaments and have proudly helped to raise the school’s international sports profile, AND we’ve got enough school spirit to fill the Rideau Canal, but we are not Actual Gee-Gees.

9) Is the team just full of Harry Potter nerds? Nope! We’ve got players who’ve never even read Harry Potter. As Jamie says, “[the team isn’t] just a bunch of nerdy Harry-Potter-reading weirdos; when I played in Oxford England against Team USA I played against one of the most athletic teams in any sport I have ever seen, and I’ve been playing sports for a large portion of my life.” And as Claremom says, “You don’t have to be a nerd or a jock: that dichotomy doesn’t really exist. You just have to be badass enough not to apologise for liking the things that you like.”

10) How are you guys all so attractive? We work out.

And finally,

11) Do you guys actually fly? That’s, like, the first time anyone’s asked us that. You’re super witty.

Email/tweet/or facebook us any other questions you have!