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uOttawa Quidditch’s First Intervarsity Game

5 Oct

University of Ottawa Quidditch got its first real taste of Quidditch Saturday in a series of friendly games against Carleton Quidditch. The teams have been close ever since Carleton’s team helped uOttawa Quidditch get its start in January. These games are the first to see Carleton and uOttawa players on opposite sides of the pitch.

The team performed spectacularly, scoring the first goal of the game. However, in the end, though uOttawa’s seeker caught the snitch, Carleton claimed the victory 60-50.

Read about the game on the IQA’s website.

uOttawa Students support their team

Pre-game huddle

"Eyes Closed!"


Preparing to barrel on through anyway.

Three Musketeers, anyone?

A Phenomenal Seeker