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Competitive Team Tryouts

19 Sep

All right, folks. Tryouts for our competitive team will be held on the following days:

Saturday September 22nd @ 1pm

Sunday September 23rd @ 1pm

Tuesday September 25th @ 6pm

It is highly recommended that if you are interested in trying out for the competitive team, you attend 2 of the above sessions. If for some reason you are unable to attend any of these sessions but are still interested in becoming a part of our competitive team, email our coaches at uo.quidditch[at]gmail[dot]com.

Why should you try out? Our competitive team will be made up of 21 highly skilled, dedicated players who will compete to represent uOttawa Quidditch at tournaments. If you make the competitive team, you are committing to a practice regimen and a standard of sportsmanship – you’re also joining an amazing group of people working hard to do great things. We have 3 upcoming tournaments already planned: a 4-team meet in Ottawa on October 20th, a 4-team meet in Canton, NY on October 27th, and the Canadian Cup (the Eastern Canadian Regionals) in Kingston on November 11th. There will be more competition dates announced later, including more international tournaments.

Joining the competitive team is an incredible way to challenge yourself athletically, travel internationally to represent your school, and meet amazing people on other quidditch teams. As Benny says in his wonderful post What September Means To Me,

“We have a new team. A team, that for even just a split second, has the potential to be the best team of all-time. Every new practice or team dinner is a chance to be better than you were before. It’s a fresh start. […] It’s worth it. Worth every penny you spend, every tear you shed and every minute you give up. Give Quidditch everything you have and I promise you that our sport will give it right back.”

Let’s go.

Are you ready?

Not interested in joining the competitive team? No worries – our recreational team is going strong, and we’ll still be having rec practices on Saturday and Sunday alongside the tryouts. Not everyone has the time or interest to play quidditch competitively, so don’t sweat it and make sure to bring your broom along 😉