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Looking for something fun to do this weekend?

18 Jan

This Saturday, uOttawa Quidditch will host Carleton, Algonquin, and Rochester Institute of Technology in a series of official and unofficial games. We’ll be playing at Lees park (next to the Lees apartment buildings) from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

The schedule is as follows:

10-10:30: Preliminaries
10:30-11:10 Game 1: uOttawa vs. Carleton (Official)
11:10- 11:50 Game 2: RIT vs. Algonquin (Unofficial)
12-12:40 Game 3: Carleton vs. Algonquin (Unofficial)
12:40-1:20 Game 4: uOttawa vs. RIT (Unofficial)
1:30-2:10 Game 5: uOttawa vs. Algonquin (Unofficial)
2:10-2:50 Game 6: RIT vs. Carleton (Official)

The Facebook event is here.

Come out and support your favourite teams!


Come to the Canadian Cup, eh?

23 Oct

That’s right! This Saturday, October 29th, Carleton University will be hosting the first ever Canadian Cup.

Come on out and cheer on uOttawa’s Quidditch team as they play in their first ever official IQA tournament! The event is free to attend and will begin at 9 am and last until 5 pm.

uOttawa Quidditch’s First Intervarsity Game

5 Oct

University of Ottawa Quidditch got its first real taste of Quidditch Saturday in a series of friendly games against Carleton Quidditch. The teams have been close ever since Carleton’s team helped uOttawa Quidditch get its start in January. These games are the first to see Carleton and uOttawa players on opposite sides of the pitch.

The team performed spectacularly, scoring the first goal of the game. However, in the end, though uOttawa’s seeker caught the snitch, Carleton claimed the victory 60-50.

Read about the game on the IQA’s website.

uOttawa Students support their team

Pre-game huddle

"Eyes Closed!"


Preparing to barrel on through anyway.

Three Musketeers, anyone?

A Phenomenal Seeker


Exciting Times

30 Dec

We hope everyone has had a great break from class. We certainly have been busy.

First, we are completing our application for club status at the university. This would make us the official team of UofO. Part of the application requires the signatures of 10 prospective members. We need 10 people to meet up with one of us to sign a form, declaring your intention to join the team and releasing your contact information to the SFUO. If you’re in Ottawa and able to meet one of us, please get in contact with us. It’s very simple, we just need your name, student number, e-mail, telephone #, and signature. This is very important, without these 10 signatures, we cannot become an official club. If you’d like to sign, send an e-mail to uo.quidditch@gmail.com.

Now, exciting news. Our first practice will be January 9th from 2-4 pm at Carleton University. It will be hosted by the Carleton Quidditch team. This will be a blast. Don’t worry if you’ve never played/have no idea what the rules are/are afraid you’ll look foolish. Most people have never played before, so you’re not alone. Andrea Hill, the team’s coach and founder, will explain the rules of the game. As for being afraid to look foolish, don’t be ridiculous. What could be cooler than this?

Your friends will be jealous. So, to keep this jealousy from destroying your friendship, bring them along. Everyone is welcome. If you want to travel with us to Carleton, we will be meeting in front of Tabaret. We will be leaving at 1 p.m. sharp. If you aren’t with us, we can’t wait for you. Please be on time. Or you can choose to meet at Carleton. Practice starts at 2 p.m. Again, please be on time.

If you’re meeting us, please don’t forget to bring your UPass or bus tickets. You will also need a broom or something broom-like (ex. lacrosse stick). Dress warmly in comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Know that we will be playing outside regardless of weather.

Get pumped.

First Round of Sign-Ups Complete

26 Nov

We spent the day in the UttawaU University Centre collecting signatures from students interested in participating. Members of the Carleton Quidditch team assisted at the event, explaining the game and giving demonstrations to amused and excited UofO students. Our goal was to generate enough interest that we could apply for club status. We needed a minimum of 15 signatures. By the time we left, we had a total of 74–seven times what we needed. Not only that, we’ve since received e-mails from students who were unable to register this morning but are still interested in playing.

Now that we have well over the required number of members, we will be working on putting together a constitution and applying for club status with the SFUO.

Watch for us in January, we’re coming up with lots of fun event and fundraising ideas.  We’re also going to start having practices and scrimmages.

Don’t forget, Carleton is playing CUSERT this Sunday from 2-4 p.m. at Anniversary Park, at Carleton U.  Want to watch a live game? I encourage you to check it out. You have a U-Pass, now put it to good use.