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Ottawa Quidditch Tournament

3 Apr

So a few weekends ago, RIT Quidditch came up to visit us in Ottawa! This visit was largely due to a combination of befriending them on twitter (#quamour) and having a really great game with them at the Ives Pond Invitational, and also because all the cool kids secretly want an excuse to come to Canada.

We set up an afternoon of games in Strathcona Park – the weather didn’t favour us (it SNOWED after a week of +25 Celcius temperatures), but we still had all kinds of fun.

I believe this was when Queen Mollywobbles introduced herself as “Clare Betterpe.” #toobigforherbritches

First up was RIT vs uOttawa – this game was AN HOUR LONG. Well, okay, like 55 minutes, BUT STILL. INSANITY. The teams were quite evenly matched, and ultimately it was the Snitch Snatch that lasted forever: RIT’s Seeker was on the defensive because they were below the point differential, and Bludger Superiority was going back and forth so uOttawa couldn’t assign a Beater to their Seeker to give theirs an edge. Ultimately, uOttawa won 180-130 (RIT with the Snitch Snatch, I believe).

A picture from the RIT vs Carleton game, which I added mainly for the amusing Jeff/Tyson height differential.

…And right into the next game, uOttawa vs Carleton! No rest for the wicked.

uOttawa won 110-60 (I think – Tegan has the score binder, so this is subject to change) – and we were EXTREMELY proud of this, because “beat Carleton” has been on our list basically since we started our team and they taught us everything we know (it’s kind of like finally beating your older brother at checkers). We’ve only ever beaten them in one scrimmage before (which doesn’t really count, as it was our comp team vs their rec team), so this was the first time we’ve ever legitimately won a game against them: they’re an incredible team, and the’ve got a lot of talented players and a lot more experience and strategy over us, so playing against them is always challenging. SELF-GROWTH FEELS SO GOOD, Y’ALL.

We love Kera.

And then we all trekked off to a giant group dinner in the basement of the Royal Oak pub up the road – laughter and fun times!

RIT was staying in a variety of houses – Colin’s house went out for Shawarma Poutine (an Ottawa specialty… gotta love multiculturalism), Tegan’s house watched Buffy, Rebeccamom’s house went to sleep (probably a smart idea), and Claremom’s house played tipsy Apples to Apples (draw your own conclusions about which house was the coolest). It was so amazing to get to know another team so much better and have them come so far just to play Quidditch and hang out with us. #QUAMOUUUUUR



uOttawa Quidditch on CTV Morning

22 Mar

Watch us teach the hosts of CTV how to play Quidditch (in high heels, no less!) with some good old-fashioned half-court sidewalk scrimmaging.

That’s right: uOttawa Quidditch is now breakfast television levels of hardcore.

Operation Snow Angel: uOttawa Quidditch goes to the Quidditch World Cup

12 Dec

This post is adapted from one originally written and posted here by Clare Hutchinson. Go there to read the full write-up.

We’re back from New York! On November 11th, we bussed down with our friends Carleton University Quidditch to Randall’s Island in New York City to compete in the fifth annual Quidditch World Cup. Along with stops for American junk food (did you know there are S’more Goldfish? That’s a thing that exists in the world) and games of Who Am I?, we were treated to Coach Chris’ rendition of “Love Story.” (Yes, that “Love Story.”)

We met Texas Christian University (TCU) and Virginia Tech over breakfast and immediately started a camaraderie (in our defense, they are very sexy teams) and broke out the obnoxious patriotism. We registered and swept into the Athletes’ Village, where all the Canadian teams clumped together near the top at “The North Pole.” After  figuring out how to put up the tent (“Team-Building Exercise,” anyone?), we found our spot for the opening ceremonies in front of Penn State, who we befriended over cheers – yay for alphabet bonding! A great start to a great weekend full of making friends and meeting other Quidditch teams from around the world.

Part of the Opening Parade

Our first game was against Florida, the eventual runners-up of the tournament. We lost, although our (thoroughly excellent) Seeker had some BEAUTIFUL deflection tactics against Florida’s Seeker and managed to delay the Snitch Snatch (against a bullfighting Snitch with a pink fleece) while we endeavoured to catch up. We came back for our game against the Delaware Valley Dragons (who had FABULOUS hair) and were winning handily until the Snitch Snatch, which still put us ahead 70-60. Our last game of the day was against ASU, a fast, tough game that sent one of our players to the hospital for a patch-up after he heroically took a broom to the eye that required some cleaning and stitching from the wonderful folks at Bellevue Hospital (who were freaked out by his red face paint until they realized it wasn’t all blood). He now has a friendship scar to match a teammate’s wound from the Canadian Cup.

That’s right: some teams get friendship bracelets. uOttawa Quidditch gets friendship scars.

We were back to the field at an early hour the next day, so we grabbed Carleton and TCU and started a scrimmage – Team Maple Frogs (which is what you get when you mix Canada with TCU’s ‘Horned Frogs’) vs Team Better Than You – that began as a legitimate game of Quidditch, but then got 3 extra bludgers and another quaffle thrown in. Our Team Mama may or may not have been swinging a broom like a baseball bat and yelling at Adam to “go long” when the Commissioner came up behind her.

The game then morphed into a giant game of Ninja and then a giant game of Octopus as we pulled bystanders from UMich and a bright orange team into the game. We were all wailing with laughter the entire time; it was completely ridiculous and such an experience of sheer joy.

Who are those monkeys? ...Oh wait.

Our last game of pool play was against SUNY Geneseo. This gal thinks we could perhaps have won had we been a bit more aggressive, but it was a terrific and incredibly fun game nonetheless. We finished in high spirits, Keeper Colin riling us by screaming “We leave the way we came! OttawaU is hot to go!”

We became known for our snare drum and enthusiasm: before every game, we would line up in formation in the Athletes’ Village and march chanting out to each of our games accompanied by the drum (…on one memorable occasion disrupting what looked like an important interview. Whoops). One of our goals was to become known as “Those Dancing Canadians,” and we’re proud to say it was accomplished.

Once our games were over, we did the same for Carleton and the other Canadian teams. We also had a chant and war dance that we performed before every game:

 After we were eliminated from pool play, we played a friendly scrimmage with McGill to help them warm up for playoffs and then joined in a giant Canada vs US dodgeball game (which, appropriately, ended in a stalemate).

Two of our players had been adopted by the Swarthmore College team, which didn’t have enough people to play. That sums up a lot of what was amazing at the World Cup: competition was fierce, and everyone played fast and hard, but at the end of the day we were all there together to be ridiculous, make friends, and squeeze the most fun out of every second. People are there because they love Quidditch and are completely willing to be thrown into a giant field and find their place in it, dancing the whole time.

Meaghan, one of Swarthmore's uOttawa players

After McGill lost to Florida, we had another big scrimmage with them and Carleton on the dark dusty pitch until Florida showed up to play another team and then scarfed down more pizza, rounded up the other Canadian teams, formed one last giant formation, and marched across the almost-empty pitches to Icahn Stadium for the final. We launched into ‘O Canada’ as we came up behind the ticket line, creating quite the spectacle for those waiting outside. When you can’t go for the championship, you might as well go for dramatic flair 😉

Unfortunately we had to leave to catch our bus before the final game was over, but we all craned our necks to see in as the bus drove over the stadium (“Did it go in??” “No, no goal!”), and the team made our President read the scores live from twitter.

All in all, it was a glorious weekend. It’s incredible to think that most of these people who are so close now didn’t know each other 3 months ago. The team grew and learned more about Quidditch and themselves, and did uOttawa very proud indeed. Given that we’re such a young team, we’re all very excited for our growth and all the opportunities we’re going to have.

Seeker Kera

The World Cup was a fantastic combination of enthusiastic geekery and intense athletic competition. The camaraderie and good spirit among all players was heartfelt, palpable, and incredibly warm. So much work went into making this the success that it was – there were hiccups and problems, but overall it was just an astronomical success, a beautiful piece of magic. We were honoured to be a part of it.

COMMENTATOR: Randall’s Island was, as we all know, constructed by magicians late last night…

Why we want you to join our team

12 Dec

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard about uOttawa Quidditch and are curious about who we are and what we’re all about.

We are a sports team. An awesome sports team.

uOttawa Quidditch at the World Cup

Though our team has only been playing competitively together since September, uOttawa Quidditch has already participated in two major tournaments. The first was the Canadian Cup at Carleton University in October.

uOttawa Quidditch in the parade onto the field at the Canadian Cup.

This tournament was a huge deal. It was the first time a major Quidditch tournament was ever held in Canada. Quidditch is a young sport and this was the first time that a large amount of Canadian teams were able to get together to compete.

Chris (stunningly attractive as always) coaches during a team huddle.

Our team placed third in the tournament behind Carleton and McGill, which was a great accomplishment for such a young team. We had an incredible time, learned a lot, and came away with bright smiles and an impressive Snitch Snatch record (4/5).

uOttawa Quidditch celebrates a win at the Canadian Cup.

We also played in the 2011 Quidditch World Cup in New York City. This huge affair involved


Adam - America's Next Top Model - having his face painted.



making friends,

9 3/4 x2

making more friends,

Steven and Gabe train a young Quidditch player. The force is strong with this one.


more dancing,


Jonathon performs uOttawa's haka.

even more fierceness,

Dancemaster Adam leads uOttawa's war dance.


Erin's #gameface.

pictures with Harry Potter,

Meaghan poses with Harry.

pictures with the Ford Anglia,

uOttawa Quidditch and the Ford Anglia.

pictures with the Sorting Hat and Scarf of Sexual Preference,

Dan and Tegan are sorted by the Sorting Hat and the Scarf of Sexual Preference.

and of course, athletics:

Colin takes on a rival beater.

Reilly and Nina block a Florida chaser

Reilly and Nina block a Florida chaser.

Colin charges up the field, striking fear into Florida's collective heart.

Mid-air Kidditch collision.

We don’t just play Quidditch – we’re an active group on campus. You can see us having snowball fights on Tabaret Lawn or Snitch Chases across campus. Recently, we participated in (and won) SAFA’s blanket fort competition.

It's better than Gryffindor tower.

Brilliant fort engineers

We also have our own uOttawa Quidditch flavoured events, like cuddle piles


and Snitch Club Nights.

So... much... yellow.

We’ve got more planned for the coming semester – a tournament in Buffalo, t-shirt sales, the formation of two Canadian/Northeastern US Quidditch Conferences, joint practices with Carleton, Quidditch shenanigans on Parliament Hill, and – well, the list goes on and the awesome never stops.

If you’re looking for a way to stay active on campus, if you want to try a new sport, if you like Harry Potter, if you give good hugs, if you run fast and score faster, if you have nothing to do on Sundays, if you miss playing basketball in high school, if you you want to do something you’ve never done before… we want you.

Join uOttawa Quidditch. Be awesome.

uOttawa Quidditch family portrait

uOttawa Places Third in First Ever Canadian Cup

5 Nov

Last weekend, October 29th, uOttawa Quidditch placed third in the first ever Canadian Cup, hosted by Carleton University. McGill placed first, maintaining their reputation as the best team in Canada, and Carleton came in second.

Round-robin scores:

Carleton vs. Ryerson: 130 – 30 (Carleton victory, Ryerson snitch snatch)

U of O vs. U of T: 90 – 0 (U of O victory, U of O snitch snatch)

McMaster vs. St. Lawrence: 20 – 70 (St. Lawrence victory, St. Lawrence snitch snatch)

Queen’s vs. McGill: 30 – 40 (McGill victory, Queen’s snitch snatch)

Carleton vs. McMaster: 90 – 20 (Carleton victory, Carleton snitch snatch)

U of O vs. Queen’s: 90 – 10 (U of O victory, U of O snitch snatch)

Ryerson vs. St. Lawrence: 50 – 80 (St. Lawrence victory, Ryerson snitch snatch)

U of T vs. McGill: 10 – 270 (McGill victory, McGill snitch snatch)

Carleton vs. St. Lawrence: 40 – 20 (Carleton victory, Carleton snitch snatch)

U of O vs. McGill: 60 – 70 (McGill victory, U of O snitch snatch)

Ryerson vs. McMaster: 60 – 90 (McMaster victory, Ryerson snitch snatch)

U of T vs. Queen’s: 30 – 180 (Queen’s victory, Queen’s snitch snatch)

Ryerson vs. U of T: 90 – 130 (U of T victory in overtime, U of T snitch snatch)

St. Lawrence vs. U of O: 50 – 60 (U of O victory, U of O snitch snatch)

McMaster vs. McGill: 60 – 110 (McGill victory, McMaster snitch snatch)

Carleton vs. Queen’s: 80 – 0 (Carleton victory, Carleton snitch snatch)

Semi-final scores:

Carleton vs. U of O: 110 – 10 (Carleton victory, Carleton snitch snatch)

McGill vs. St. Lawrence: 140 – 20 (McGill victory, McGill snitch snatch)

Final score:

Carleton vs. McGill: 80 – 160 (McGill victory, Carleton snitch snatch)

Read about us in the Prophet

24 Oct

…or, if they won’t deliver owls to you, in LeDroit! We’re in an article called La magie du Quidditch ensorcelle la capitale and it features an interview with our very own Cynthia Loutfi.

You can read the full article here.

uOttawa Quidditch’s First Intervarsity Game

5 Oct

University of Ottawa Quidditch got its first real taste of Quidditch Saturday in a series of friendly games against Carleton Quidditch. The teams have been close ever since Carleton’s team helped uOttawa Quidditch get its start in January. These games are the first to see Carleton and uOttawa players on opposite sides of the pitch.

The team performed spectacularly, scoring the first goal of the game. However, in the end, though uOttawa’s seeker caught the snitch, Carleton claimed the victory 60-50.

Read about the game on the IQA’s website.

uOttawa Students support their team

Pre-game huddle

"Eyes Closed!"


Preparing to barrel on through anyway.

Three Musketeers, anyone?

A Phenomenal Seeker


“Is that Quidditch?! Awesome!”

13 Sep

This Sunday we had our very first ever University of Ottawa quidditch practice, right in the middle of campus on Tabaret Lawn. (Hear that? Everyone who came, you helped make HISTORY.) With a fantastic turnout of 65 people, there are now even more muggles in Ottawa who know how to ride broomsticks, score with a quaffle, and knock people out with bludgers. We also had a couple of excellent snitches and seekers, including one snitch who dropped off the side of the Tabaret staircase to avoid capture, and another who hid out in the outhouses on the side of the field (smart move!).

The practice started with some drills:

Showing them how it's done.

First broken broom of the season!

Then, on to the scrimmaging. The old hands from last year (plus a couple extras) started off to give everyone an idea of what to do and let them watch a game.

At the blue team's end, looks like Alex is about to score!

Chris getting ready to take to the field

And then, it was time for everyone to play. See if you can find yourself in one of the pictures! If you couldn’t make it out this weekend (but think that this looks like fun), come out next weekend and try playing! Newcomers are always welcome (as long as you’re not a Death Eater. If you’re Snape, it’s OK, but nobody else.)

Exciting Times

30 Dec

We hope everyone has had a great break from class. We certainly have been busy.

First, we are completing our application for club status at the university. This would make us the official team of UofO. Part of the application requires the signatures of 10 prospective members. We need 10 people to meet up with one of us to sign a form, declaring your intention to join the team and releasing your contact information to the SFUO. If you’re in Ottawa and able to meet one of us, please get in contact with us. It’s very simple, we just need your name, student number, e-mail, telephone #, and signature. This is very important, without these 10 signatures, we cannot become an official club. If you’d like to sign, send an e-mail to

Now, exciting news. Our first practice will be January 9th from 2-4 pm at Carleton University. It will be hosted by the Carleton Quidditch team. This will be a blast. Don’t worry if you’ve never played/have no idea what the rules are/are afraid you’ll look foolish. Most people have never played before, so you’re not alone. Andrea Hill, the team’s coach and founder, will explain the rules of the game. As for being afraid to look foolish, don’t be ridiculous. What could be cooler than this?

Your friends will be jealous. So, to keep this jealousy from destroying your friendship, bring them along. Everyone is welcome. If you want to travel with us to Carleton, we will be meeting in front of Tabaret. We will be leaving at 1 p.m. sharp. If you aren’t with us, we can’t wait for you. Please be on time. Or you can choose to meet at Carleton. Practice starts at 2 p.m. Again, please be on time.

If you’re meeting us, please don’t forget to bring your UPass or bus tickets. You will also need a broom or something broom-like (ex. lacrosse stick). Dress warmly in comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Know that we will be playing outside regardless of weather.

Get pumped.

First Round of Sign-Ups Complete

26 Nov

We spent the day in the UttawaU University Centre collecting signatures from students interested in participating. Members of the Carleton Quidditch team assisted at the event, explaining the game and giving demonstrations to amused and excited UofO students. Our goal was to generate enough interest that we could apply for club status. We needed a minimum of 15 signatures. By the time we left, we had a total of 74–seven times what we needed. Not only that, we’ve since received e-mails from students who were unable to register this morning but are still interested in playing.

Now that we have well over the required number of members, we will be working on putting together a constitution and applying for club status with the SFUO.

Watch for us in January, we’re coming up with lots of fun event and fundraising ideas.  We’re also going to start having practices and scrimmages.

Don’t forget, Carleton is playing CUSERT this Sunday from 2-4 p.m. at Anniversary Park, at Carleton U.  Want to watch a live game? I encourage you to check it out. You have a U-Pass, now put it to good use.