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Ickle Firsties: The Sequel

10 Jul

Another summer in Ottawa is slowly but surely nearing its end, and to us here at uOttawa Quidditch that means a new season, new challenges and, of course, new players! We’ve received a lot of excited communication from incoming first years eager to get started at uOttawa, so we thought we’d catch up with some of the team’s former firsties and have them share their trials, triumphs, tips and tricks with the next generation. Brooms up!



Claire is seen here striking fear into the heart of her opponent at World Cup VI

Oakville, ON

Environmental Science (French Extended Stream)

Competitive Team Chaser

Claire’s relationship with quidditch wasn’t exactly love at first sight. In her own words, she was “dragged kicking and screaming to the first practice by a friend” (Editor’s Note: we love you too, Claire). But although she didn’t immediately take to the idea of it, she definitely took to the sport like a natural!



Dominique, top centre, at a recreational tournament against McGill Quidditch.

Mexico City, Mexico

General Arts with a minor in Film Studies

Development Team Chaser

In her own words, Dominique was “wandering lost and afraid around the tables at 101 week when suddenly, like a shining beacon of light and hope, there was the Quidditch table.” (Editor’s Note: We get that a lot. The ‘shining beacon’ effect is because our players are just too good-looking). Dominique, a self-professed Potterhead, just had to join the quidditch team!




Mat defending at World Cup VI.

Kemptville, ON

Political Science (and graduate of Police Foundations at St Lawrence and Algonquin colleges)

Competitive Team Beater

Mat was destined to join the team from the moment he moved into Brooks Residence and met his roommate, coach Chris Radojewski. If the pile of hoops, brooms and quaffles that occupied Mat’s living room for half the year wasn’t enough to convince him, he also discovered that a former high school classmate played for the team as well!



Michael making a break for the hoops at World Cup VI.

Oakville, ON

Biomedical Science (Extended French Stream)

Competitive Team Chaser

Mike was hooked the moment a uOttawa Ambassador called him during university application season and mentioned the team as a selling point for uOttawa. He is the aforementioned friend who dragged Claire to her first practice.  Remember, folks, friends don’t let friends refuse to play quidditch.


This sweaty happiness could be your life!

What was the biggest adjustment for you coming to university?

Claire: Knowing how to balance studying and personal life. I started out studying in my room a lot, but I was miserable, then I stared spending more time with friends, and it probably went too far the other way for a while, but it seems to have balanced itself out better now.

Dominique: It’s a tie between the weather and managing my time to be able to work and study and go to every quidditch practice I was able to attend.

Mat: My biggest adjustment was that it was my first year living on my own, and I had to study more and write more than I did in college.

Mike: Biggest adjustment was learning to manage my own schedule and the fact that no one was going to tell me what I should and shouldn’t be doing. You really find out how independent you can be in those first few weeks away from home.


How did uOttawa Quidditch impact your first year experience?

Claire: Quidditch had a massive impact on my first year at uOttawa. As someone who had played a lot of high school and club sports quite competitively, quidditch gave me that outlet, and managed to combine a lot of my former sports together (Basketball, softball). It kept me active, and my freshman fifteen might well have been 15 lost.

Besides the athletic aspect of it, quidditch creates a fantastic community of amazing people, which, to be perfectly honest, was kind of unexpected. I expected quidditch to be really nerdy, but it wasn’t. The sport is challenging, there are all kinds of different people (varsity athletes to musicians), and none of them are afraid to do something because someone else might think it uncool.
My closest friends that I made in first year are from quidditch. I don’t know what my university life would have been like without it.

Dominique: Seriously, without the Quidditch Team I would still be lost and afraid. Never have I seen more camaraderie, love (quove) and acceptance as I have seen with this amazing group of people. Joining the Quidditch Team is the best decision I’ve made since entering University. These guys have helped me with everything from personal problems to getting projects done. Joining this team is like joining a family (quamily).

Mat: Quidditch gave me a social group since all my other friends were either at Carleton or another school, or still living at home. It also gave me a chance to play competitive sports again, which I missed so much!

Mike: It was a huge help! Having a team with people in your year or upper years that are in similar programs is fantastic! If you need help people are there for you.



What academic advice do you have for incoming first years?

Claire: You’re going to need to study: more than you did in high school, but not ridiculous amounts. Create a social life for yourself and have outlets. As I learned at the beginning of the year, if you coop yourself up in your room and do nothing but study, you will be miserable and your room will feel like a jail cell.

Dominique: Don’t use your laptop in class! I swore to myself that I had the strength to keep away from the wonders on the internet (I’m looking at you, Tumblr). Believe me, very few people have that kind of strength. Also, as soon as you get an assignment, get some work done on it. Even if it isn’t much, if you get close to the deadline and you haven’t worked on it, you’ll feel much better if you already started it.

Mat: Make sure you stay on top of your studying so that you don’t miss out on other things you want to do, like quidditch practice or tournaments. Also, if you’re ever having difficulty with academics, don’t be afraid to ask for help! The team is full of people in all disciplines and years, and if we don’t know the answer we’ll always know someone who does. You can quote me on that!

Mike: I can really only speak for science programs and classes, but go to class! If your class has a DGD you should definitely go to it! Those things will raise your grade by 5% minimum! And do your readings before the night before the test. (Editor’s Note: This applies to all programs and classes. Go to class! That’s why you pay ‘em the big bucks, so don’t let your money go to waste.)


Coach Rebecca and President Erin demonstrating proper studying technique. Snuggies in public are optional but encouraged.


Any other words of wisdom for incoming first years?

Claire: Find the proper balance for yourself. It will take a while. I’m still perfecting it. Find a way to study enough to get marks you’re happy with, but don’t let that be your life. Find an outlet, find friends (quidditch is good for both of these). Have fun, don’t beat yourself up if you miss a DGD or two, and try not to get addicted to your snooze button. Also, be yourself. This isn’t the high school bull $#!% that doesn’t work because everyone is still catty. This is going to be the key to you being happy. You are in a school with 40, 000 other people, your kind of people will be there, you just have to find them. This isn’t high school anymore. There is no cool crowd. Find people that you are comfortable being you around and it will go really well.

Dominique: To quote the Doctor “There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t act a little childish sometimes.” And of course “Always bring a banana to a party, bananas are good!” 
I can only give this advice. Always have an open mind, take advantage of student discounts and use the SFUO services, you paid for them so might as well use them. I’m talking free food, access to a skating rink and pool here!

Mat: Make sure to keep healthy one way or another. Try a workout or two per week, and watch out for the cafeteria food. I had a meal plan my first year and I ate nothing healthy other than what my mom sent me. Let’s just say thank you, fast metabolism!

Mike: Regardless of whether or not you decide to join our club, find a club or team that you enjoy and get involved! It’s great to have a network of people who all share a common interest and can help one another out academically or in any other regard.


Favourite part of living in Ottawa?

Claire: Apart from having met the best team ever, it would have to be the proximity of all of the interesting things to do. I’m from suburbia, so unlike Ottawa I can’t just walk to everything, and there aren’t a ton of things do. At U of O I walked to the theatre (Albert St has a great student deal), to the grocery store, went to the NAC, went out for dinners and breakfasts, visited the Byward Market, and so many other things. You’re in the nation’s capital! There is so much to do and it’s all really close.

Dominique: Skating on the canal in the winter!

Mat: How close everything is! I’m from the country, everything is at least a 10-minute drive back home, but here it’s a quick walk down the road.

Mike: You’ll feel pretty damn Canadian when you’re living here in Ottawa.


One thing all first years need to add to their First year Bucket List?

Claire: Join the quidditch team? But apart from that, this question is a toughy. My amazing first year experience was really a perfect storm of a whole bunch of different experiences and people. 
But if you want an actual thing to do, the light show on Parliament Hill was pretty good!

Dominique: Play quidditch at least once, you will not regret it.
But that’s too obvious so I would say volunteer, it is the most fun you can have without a broom between your legs.

Mat: Try quidditch!

Mike: Everyone should skate on the Rideau Canal at least once in their first year! A whole bunch of students get to say they skate to work or to school. Wouldn’t you like to be one of them?


If you’d like to hear more from a quidditch player in your program or faculty, or if you’d like to find out about summer quidditch in your area, drop us a line through @uo_quidditch, uo.quidditch[at]gmail[dot]com or our Facebook fanpage.


From all of us here at uOttawa Quidditch to all of you entering first year, congratulations and welcome to what will be one of the most exciting, crazy years of your life! We can’t wait to meet you!



uOttawa Quidditch Executive Elections: Elections Actually

24 Mar


Well folks, the results are in! This afternoon uOttawa Quidditch held its Annual General Meeting and elections for the 2013-2014 Executive Elections. We were incredibly fortunate to have 15 wonderful candidates running; a blessing and a curse to have so many leaders eager to contribute to the growth of the team.

Starring Kiera Knightley and Colin Firth as the SECS

Starring Kiera Knightley and Colin Firth as the SECS

The SECS (Sexy Elections CommissionerS), outgoing exec members Chris Radojewski and Clare Hutchinson, are proud to announce the 2013-2014 exec:

Presidents: Tegan Bridge and Erin McCrady

VP Athletics (Coaches): Rebecca Alley and Adam Robillard

VP Social: Carina Hetherton

VP Finance: Marc Jan

VP Communications: Marisa Sauret

Hogwarts Head Boy: Chris Radojewski (Fozzie Bear was the winner of the popular vote, but unfortunately had not paid his membership fee and so was disqualified)

As a treat for you all, under the cut is Marisa Sauret’s campaign speech, which I’m sure you’ll agree is very entertaining.

Continue reading

Help uOttawa Quidditch get to the World Cup!

13 Mar

uOttawa Quidditch is on our way to the World Cup in Kissimmee, Florida! We’re excited to be part of the premiere sporting event of the year, the pinnacle of our sport’s athletic competition. We will be competing against 79 other Division I teams from across the world, including teams from the USA, Italy, France, Mexico, and our very own Canada (Fleming College and the University of Toronto, although they did not originally qualify, are sending teams as part of the regional allocation process).

We’re incredibly excited to have the opportunity to represent uOttawa, the Ottawa quidditch community, and Canada. Because the World Cup falls during our final examination period, we’ve been hard at work deferring our exams and making sure our assignments and take-homes are squared away before we travel to Florida to play quidditch in the heat (no slush! It’s a quidditch miracle!).

We became known for our pre-game dance and cheer at WCV. Can you say reprise?

We became known for our pre-game dance and cheer at WCV. Can you say reprise?

However, World Cup poses significant challenges for our team even outside of the examination challenge. We have 21 competitive players, a coach, a Canadian Regional Director, and some lovely fans to take all the way to Florida, and unfortunately our dogsled won’t get us that far. To that end, we’ve been running an online fundraising campaign to help augment our on-campus fundraising, and we’ve been incredibly pleased and grateful by the support we’ve received so far. We would appreciate any support you’re able to give – we’ve received donations of $1 and $5, and donations of $214 and $250, and a full range of donations in between.

We’re not asking for your charity – we’ve got a full slate of awesome perks, prizes, and rewards you can claim for your donation. Whether it’s a signed t-shirt or sexy calendar you’d like, or a personalized quidcapella serenade or TARDIS tote bag, we can provide! Feel free to check out our perks and pick out that sparkly Snitch ornament, cozy hoodie, swag poster, or mix cd that best suits your tastes.

Here, we’ll tell you why:

2013 Executive Elections

13 Mar

It’s that time of year again! uOttawa Quidditch will vote on March 24th for the club’s 2013-2014 leadership. We are fortunate to have competition for most of the positions, a sign of a healthy and decentralized leadership. The candidates are:

President (2 positions)

  • Tegan Bridge
  • Erin McCrady

VP Athletics/Coach (2 positions)

  • Rebecca Alley
  • Adam Robillard
  • Matthew Bunn

VP Social (1 position)

  • Carina Hetherton
  • Candace Blake
  • Tom Corlett

VP Finance (1 position)

  • Katie Sharpe
  • Claire Steckle
  • Mathew McVeigh
  • Marc Jan
  • Vanessa Sevilla

VP Communications (1 position)

  • Marilyn Tourangeau
  • Marisa Sauret

Voting will be held on March 24th at an as-yet-to-be-determined location. You may only vote if you have paid your $20 membership fee. If you are unable to attend on March 24th and would like to cast your vote, you may do so by proxy but you must A) choose someone who will be present to proxy for you and inform them, and B) inform the Special Elections Commissioners Spectacular Clare Hutchinson and/or Chris Radojewski that you will be proxying. If you choose to proxy vote, you will be provided with written statements from the candidates in order to make your decision with the same amount of information those present will receive.

Best of luck! Any questions about the elections or the candidates can be directed to the Elections Commissioners.

2013 uOttawa Sexy Quidkid Calendar

3 Dec

Want to send uOttawa Quidditch to Florida to compete in World Cup VI? Irresistibly attracted to the members of uOttawa Quidditch and unsure how to get more of them in your life? Find your walls depressingly bare and your knowledge of important dates lacking?

Drink up that felix felicis, folks – it’s your lucky day!

This week, uOttawa Quidditch is releasing a 2013 calendar featuring some of your favourite quidkids. We’ll be releasing more promotional photos (ones not included in the calendar, so don’t fret if you’ve already seen a bunch – there’s loads more where those come from!) this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Promo Cam Movember IMG_7939

Oh, and the best part? They’re only $10 😉

Email to reserve a copy, stay tuned for our tabling times on-campus, or contact us when we announce they’re ready to go to have a copy mailed to you! If you’re far away, don’t fret – we’ll have them for cross-continent in-person sale in a few places:

  • Snow Cup in Utah, January 5th (out of Mama Clare’s backpack)
  • Vancouver, BC – Holiday break (out of Rebeccamom’s suitcase)
  • Calgary, AB – Holiday break (out of the satchel of Emperor Cam)

You can pick them up there, on campus at uOttawa, or ask a friend who’ll be in any of those places to get you one, or we’ll happily mail one to you!

Calendar Promo - Clare


Erin Promo Beaterbabe IMG_7698

Competitive teams announced!!

25 Sep

Thanks to everyone who tried out and congratulations to all, the coaches both saw a lot of improvement over the weekend. We want to let you know: if you didn’t make either team, we still love you and want to see you every Sunday to play, and cheering for us at games, and at potlucks, and at study parties, and building blanket forts…! There is potential to move between the teams, so if you’re playing really well at rec practices and improving you may be invited to join the comp dev team.

You know you want to be part of this.

Competitive Team:

Kera Lanouette

Alex Goudreault
Isaac Corey
Jamie Lafrance

Alex Badassa
Andrew Baggett
Clare Hutchinson
Erin McCrady
Marisa Sauret
Matthew McVeigh

Adam Robillard
Cam Buie
Chris Radojewski
Claire Steckle
Gabriel Weekes
Michelle Ferguson
Mike Howard
Matthew Bunn
Nick McKnight
Sam Cheung
Steven Kimball

Competitive Development Team:

Aaron Shifman
Brian Wong
Candace Blake
Crysana Copland
Elise Champaigne
Ian Carey
Katie Sharpe
Marc Jan
Marilyn Tourangeau
Michael Brannen
Reilly Ragot
Tegan Bridge
Tom Cortlett

Official Business

14 Sep

First Order of Business:

Our next practices will be Saturday, September 15th and Sunday, September 16th – both will begin at 1pm on Tabaret Lawn at uOttawa. Please come prepared to run and bring your water bottles and a broom or broomlike object! If you missed the first practice, don’t sweat it – we’ll be going over the rules again, and new folk are always welcome.

If you gave us your email on clubs day or this week but haven’t received an email, it means someone put a scrambling jinx on your pen and we couldn’t read your address – shoot us a line at uo.quidditch[at]gmail[dot]com to be added to the mailing list and receive all the details.

Second Order of Business:

uOttawa Quidditch supports the spread of quidditch across Canada, and wants to support Canadian quidditch teams to become stronger and more awesome. To that end, two of our players have recently been selected by the International Quidditch Association for official positions. Tegan Bridge, one of our team presidents, is now the official IQA Representative for Eastern Canada and will be supporting Canadian teams and representing them and their interests at the IQA. Reilly Ragot, an excellent Chaser/Keeper of ours, is now the official IQA Expansion Rep for Eastern Canada, in charge of spreading quidditch to more schools and communities and helping to support new teams. We’re very proud of Tegan and Reilly, and wish them all of the of luck in their new positions.

Third Order of Business:

uOttawa Quidditch would like to thank the previous IQA Canadian Rep, Carleton University Quidditch‘s Andrea Hill. Andrea helped us start our own team way back in December 2010, and she has been a tireless advocate for Canadian quidditch: her hard work and passion saw the very first Canadian Cup hosted in Ottawa, the growth of quidditch in Ottawa and throughout Canada, and increased international participation and enthusiasm for the sport. We are personally indebted to and grateful for Andrea and her work, and would like to ask uOttawa, Ottawa, and the international quidditch community to thank her for her years of dedication.

Andrea Hill is the bomb

Fourth Order of Business:

We sell stuff now! Swank fan shirts, to be precise. We will be updating our online store as we get more merchandise: you can purchase the shirts in person, at tournaments, or online.

Fifth Order of Business:

Make sure you go outside and breathe some fresh air this weekend. Eat some pie if you like pie. Take a jog up to Tabaret and watch us play. Read some Ulysses if you’re me. Go enjoy yourselves, darlings.

FAQs: Fleece, Acorns, and Quinksy Quimpernels. (That’s what those letters mean, right?)

1 Sep

Yoo halloo! Do you have more questions than Neville Longbottom has phobias? We have more answers than Hermione has… well, answers.

1) What is Quidditch? Are you guys for real? For complete and utter realsies, je vous promettez. Quidditch is a full-contact (!) co-ed sport that is a Muggle (non-magical) adaptation of the wizard sport from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Invented by students at Middlebury College in Vermont, it has similarities to rugby, dodgeball, and flag football, with a special subculture and athletic flair all its own. It is incredibly competitive, with a governing body, international (as well as national, regional, and local) tournaments, and over 600 teams in 25 countries. For more info on Quidditch as well as a great way to spend 27 minutes of your life, watch this excellent documentary on the 2010 Quidditch World Cup in NYC.

2) How do I join the team? Do you want to be on the team? Then congratulations, you’re on the team! uOttawa Quidditch welcomes any and all players regardless of skill level – just show up to our Sunday recreational practices with a broom (or broomlike implement) whenever you’d like. Once you attend 3 practices or more you’ll have to pay a $20 membership fee.

If you would like to join our competitive team, tryouts will be held on September 20th, 21st, and 22nd (times forthcoming) – we recommend attending two of them. Our competitive team will be 21 focused, committed, high-level athletes who will travel to tournaments to compete for the University of Ottawa.

3) Do I have to be a uOttawa student/undergrad/insert qualifier here? You do not need to be a uOttawa student to play with us; whoever you are, you are always welcome to come to our practices. ALL uOttawa students are welcome regardless of age or program, including grad students, international students, and exchange students.

4) What if I’m not good at sports? You can still join! We like to think that we challenge the “not good at sports” mentality – we’re a diverse group of people with plenty of different athletic backgrounds, and even if you’ve never felt at home or at ease playing sports you might find that you’ll surprise yourself in the right (read: supportive, awesome) environment. If you’re not comfortable playing – Quidditch is a very physical sport, and not for everyone – we loooooooove fans. Fans come to our practices, our tournaments, and our social events: you are just as much a part of our group as our star Chasers are, we promise. (Hilarious sideline signs are a must, though.)

5) Do you guys just run around on brooms all the time? Pretty much. It’s surprisingly natural once you get used to it. But we’re not just a sports team – we’re a community. We participate in and host all kinds of social events: movie nights, sleepovers, potlucks, charity events, Kidditch workshops, festival expos, fundraisers, bake sales, Yule Balls, ceilidhs, snowball fights, live music, blanket-fort competitions, the Spartan Race, team dinners, tea parties, swing dancing, pole dancing, bouldering, dodgeball, book clubs, pub nights, and many more. We like to give back to the community and participate in anything creative, outdoorsy, nerdy, and healthy. We’re friends. We want to be your friends.

6) How do I get in touch with you to ask a question or hear about practices? You can sign up for our mailing list by shooting an owl to, but the easiest and fastest way to hear about practices and upcoming events is by liking us on facebook and following us on twitter. We, uh… we’re on there a lot.

7) Your jerseys are gorgeous! How do I buy one? Thank you! *preens* They are made by Row West, an awesome little Canadian company. Unfortunately for you, our jerseys are not for sale to the public, only to members of the team. However, we will soon have fan shirts and other merchandise for sale, and you can totally buy those!

8) Are you a varsity team or something? We are not an official University of Ottawa sports team in any capacity; we are, however, an official club of the SFUO/FEUO. We have represented the University of Ottawa in an unofficial capacity at several international tournaments and have proudly helped to raise the school’s international sports profile, AND we’ve got enough school spirit to fill the Rideau Canal, but we are not Actual Gee-Gees.

9) Is the team just full of Harry Potter nerds? Nope! We’ve got players who’ve never even read Harry Potter. As Jamie says, “[the team isn’t] just a bunch of nerdy Harry-Potter-reading weirdos; when I played in Oxford England against Team USA I played against one of the most athletic teams in any sport I have ever seen, and I’ve been playing sports for a large portion of my life.” And as Claremom says, “You don’t have to be a nerd or a jock: that dichotomy doesn’t really exist. You just have to be badass enough not to apologise for liking the things that you like.”

10) How are you guys all so attractive? We work out.

And finally,

11) Do you guys actually fly? That’s, like, the first time anyone’s asked us that. You’re super witty.

Email/tweet/or facebook us any other questions you have!


Summer Update and Important Fall Things

11 Jul
It’s summer! The folks on the quidditch team have been busy, that’s for sure – we even have three players who are currently in England representing Canada in a series of exhibition games around the Olympics. (Links to the matches can be found here if you want to see Team Canada in action.) We’ve also been keeping busy playing quidditch every Sunday, from 2-4ish pm, at Carleton, and anyone who’s in town is welcome to join us whether or not you’ve played before!
We also wanted to let you all know what our plan is for the fall. Our first practice for the fall will be Sunday, September 9th at 1pm in Strathcona Park (the 101’ers are using our field, alas.). We’ll be publicizing this more closer to the date but you can all mark it on your calendars now!
The following weekend, September 15th and 16th, is our introductory training camp – it’s not as scary as it sounds, we promise. It will be two days of quidditch for the new players to learn the game, for people who we met at our table in clubs week to come try out the game, and a chance for the returning players to get back into the swing of things. Anyone can come for some or all of that weekend.
Competitive team tryouts will be September 22, 23, and 25th. This year we are also expanding our recreational team. We’d like to see more of you coming out just for fun on Sundays, enough that we maybe can get a couple of rec teams going!
Let me repeat: If you don’t want to be on the comp team, JOIN OUR REC TEAM! We promise fun, general hilarity, and lots and lots of awesomeness on a weekly basis. 

Introducing – uOttawa on Team Canada!

30 Jun

This summer, 3 uOttawa Quidditch players will make their way to London (well, Oxford) to play in the UK Summer Games and represent their team, university, and country in an exhibition Olympics game as Team Canada squares off against 5 other talented teams.


Adam “Shoulders” Robillard (alternatively “Snow Angel” – he responds to either) – Chaser:

One of uOttawa’s star players and key goalmakers, Adam is fast and physical (see also: fine, fresh, fierce). Originally a hockey player and now both a Chaser and the uOttawa Quidditch Dancemaster (he choreographed and taught the team our signature pre-game chant and dance), Adam is a younger member of the team who has already racked up quite a bit of experience at the Canadian Cup (where, after a trip to the hospital for stitches, he inquired if the nurse would be done in time for him to get back to play in our game against Carleton), the Ives Pond Invitational (where, while moonlighting as a Seeker, he caught the Snitch in the first 10 seconds of overtime and also served as one of the more flamboyant Snitches), the Ottawa tournament (where his unflagging stamina propelled uOttawa through a 55-minute game against RIT), and World Cup V (where he moonlighted as one of the commentators on Field 6). A theatre student, Adam has also been known to successfully impersonate Darren Criss.

Jamie “Ice Box” Lafrance – Keeper:

Jamie’s nickname is derived from the trend of Quidditch “fridges” – but Jamie’s got the extra power to pack a colder whack than your average fridge. His power runs down the pitch with the Quaffle (knocking opposing Chasers aside like he’s going seagull bowling) are infamous. But don’t let the grizzly-bear charges and powerful tackles fool you: Jamie’s one of the most good-natured guys I’ve ever met, and after he knocks you over he’ll pick you right back up and ask you where the afterparty is.

Tegan “Sexy Cactus” Bridge – Beater:

Tegan is one of the founders of the uOttawa team – she knows what she’s about. What she lacks in height she more than makes up for in sharpshooting and an uncanny ability to be in exactly the right place at the right time (and she does. not. relinquish. Bludgers). Though she be but little, she is fierce.* Tegan is also the volunteer coordinator for the UK Summer Games, so you should take your time to thank her for all the hard work she’s put in, both to allow our team to play and run as well as it does, and for your Olympic games to run as smoothly as I’m sure they will.**


If you would like to support Team Canada, consider buying your very own ultra-swanky Team Canada Quidditch jersey. Manufactured in British Columbia by Row West (who designed and made our very own gorgeous jerseys), these jerseys are all-Canadian and all-Quidditch.

*That’s Shakespeare, my friends. Look it up.

**Not to jinx anything.