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Competitive teams announced!!

25 Sep

Thanks to everyone who tried out and congratulations to all, the coaches both saw a lot of improvement over the weekend. We want to let you know: if you didn’t make either team, we still love you and want to see you every Sunday to play, and cheering for us at games, and at potlucks, and at study parties, and building blanket forts…! There is potential to move between the teams, so if you’re playing really well at rec practices and improving you may be invited to join the comp dev team.

You know you want to be part of this.

Competitive Team:

Kera Lanouette

Alex Goudreault
Isaac Corey
Jamie Lafrance

Alex Badassa
Andrew Baggett
Clare Hutchinson
Erin McCrady
Marisa Sauret
Matthew McVeigh

Adam Robillard
Cam Buie
Chris Radojewski
Claire Steckle
Gabriel Weekes
Michelle Ferguson
Mike Howard
Matthew Bunn
Nick McKnight
Sam Cheung
Steven Kimball

Competitive Development Team:

Aaron Shifman
Brian Wong
Candace Blake
Crysana Copland
Elise Champaigne
Ian Carey
Katie Sharpe
Marc Jan
Marilyn Tourangeau
Michael Brannen
Reilly Ragot
Tegan Bridge
Tom Cortlett


Official Business

14 Sep

First Order of Business:

Our next practices will be Saturday, September 15th and Sunday, September 16th – both will begin at 1pm on Tabaret Lawn at uOttawa. Please come prepared to run and bring your water bottles and a broom or broomlike object! If you missed the first practice, don’t sweat it – we’ll be going over the rules again, and new folk are always welcome.

If you gave us your email on clubs day or this week but haven’t received an email, it means someone put a scrambling jinx on your pen and we couldn’t read your address – shoot us a line at uo.quidditch[at]gmail[dot]com to be added to the mailing list and receive all the details.

Second Order of Business:

uOttawa Quidditch supports the spread of quidditch across Canada, and wants to support Canadian quidditch teams to become stronger and more awesome. To that end, two of our players have recently been selected by the International Quidditch Association for official positions. Tegan Bridge, one of our team presidents, is now the official IQA Representative for Eastern Canada and will be supporting Canadian teams and representing them and their interests at the IQA. Reilly Ragot, an excellent Chaser/Keeper of ours, is now the official IQA Expansion Rep for Eastern Canada, in charge of spreading quidditch to more schools and communities and helping to support new teams. We’re very proud of Tegan and Reilly, and wish them all of the of luck in their new positions.

Third Order of Business:

uOttawa Quidditch would like to thank the previous IQA Canadian Rep, Carleton University Quidditch‘s Andrea Hill. Andrea helped us start our own team way back in December 2010, and she has been a tireless advocate for Canadian quidditch: her hard work and passion saw the very first Canadian Cup hosted in Ottawa, the growth of quidditch in Ottawa and throughout Canada, and increased international participation and enthusiasm for the sport. We are personally indebted to and grateful for Andrea and her work, and would like to ask uOttawa, Ottawa, and the international quidditch community to thank her for her years of dedication.

Andrea Hill is the bomb

Fourth Order of Business:

We sell stuff now! Swank fan shirts, to be precise. We will be updating our online store as we get more merchandise: you can purchase the shirts in person, at tournaments, or online.

Fifth Order of Business:

Make sure you go outside and breathe some fresh air this weekend. Eat some pie if you like pie. Take a jog up to Tabaret and watch us play. Read some Ulysses if you’re me. Go enjoy yourselves, darlings.

Summer Update and Important Fall Things

11 Jul
It’s summer! The folks on the quidditch team have been busy, that’s for sure – we even have three players who are currently in England representing Canada in a series of exhibition games around the Olympics. (Links to the matches can be found here if you want to see Team Canada in action.) We’ve also been keeping busy playing quidditch every Sunday, from 2-4ish pm, at Carleton, and anyone who’s in town is welcome to join us whether or not you’ve played before!
We also wanted to let you all know what our plan is for the fall. Our first practice for the fall will be Sunday, September 9th at 1pm in Strathcona Park (the 101’ers are using our field, alas.). We’ll be publicizing this more closer to the date but you can all mark it on your calendars now!
The following weekend, September 15th and 16th, is our introductory training camp – it’s not as scary as it sounds, we promise. It will be two days of quidditch for the new players to learn the game, for people who we met at our table in clubs week to come try out the game, and a chance for the returning players to get back into the swing of things. Anyone can come for some or all of that weekend.
Competitive team tryouts will be September 22, 23, and 25th. This year we are also expanding our recreational team. We’d like to see more of you coming out just for fun on Sundays, enough that we maybe can get a couple of rec teams going!
Let me repeat: If you don’t want to be on the comp team, JOIN OUR REC TEAM! We promise fun, general hilarity, and lots and lots of awesomeness on a weekly basis. 

Back to school, back to quidditch!

6 Sep

UOttawa Quidditch has a bunch of exciting events going on this fall. Stay tuned for updates as they happen!

This Thursday, Sept. 8, we have a table in the UCU answering questions about all things Quidditch, between 10:00 and 5:00. We also will be having a snitch chase on campus, so keep an eye out for either a bright yellow snitch or a bunch of seekers on brooms!

This Sunday, Sept. 11, is the FIRST QUIDDITCH PRACTICE of the year! It’s open to anyone to join, find out what quidditch is like, and meet other like-minded muggles (or at least wizards who haven’t got our letters yet). If you want to come, bring your own broom at 1:00 to Tabaret Lawn (this is subject to change, so stay tuned) and be ready to run, jump, roll, dodge, and have fun.

We will be having a bake sale on Saturday night/Sunday morning for all the ickle firsties coming back from Fedstock. Look for us selling cauldron cakes, butterbeer, and other delicious treats!

Later in September, the 17 and 18, we’ll be having a training camp, both days from 1-4pm. This is designed to develop skills especially for those who are new to the sport. This will be very beneficial for veterans as well. Anyone who wants to be on the competitive team should consider this a must.

We also have some competitive events that we’ll need both cheering sections and players for, so if you can’t play we’d love to see you out to cheer for us at the Canadian Cup, at Carleton on Sat. October 29, or on our bus to New York City for the Quidditch World Cup on November 12!! We also are planning to enter a team in the dodgeball intramurals, so come on out and cheer for your quidditch players!

That’s all for now, but check back this fall for pictures and stories about all those events and more.


22 Jan

Carleton Quidditch hosts UOttawa Quidditch's first practice. Image courtesy of Carleton Quidditch

We’ve started holding practices! Our first practice was January 9th and we now play every Sunday from 2-4 at Anniversary Field at Carleton. For more information on our first practice, check out this post. You can meet us at Tabaret at 1 p.m. and we’ll all go together (bring your UPass!) or you can meet us at Carleton at 2 p.m. if that’s more convenient for you.

However, practice tomorrow has been cancelled due to weather cold enough to make a Dementor shiver.

In other news, after tabling in the UCU a second time, we now have over 150 people on our mailing list.