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uOttawa Quidditch goes to the Quidditch World Cup!

18 Apr

This past weekend, uOttawa Quidditch competed in World Cup VI, the International Quidditch Association’s annual international quidditch championships. Held in Kissimmee, Florida, World Cup saw 80 of the world’s best teams face off against each other in a week of tough competition and camaraderie.

uOttawa came into the tournament an underdog, one of the few Canadian teams in attendance as a result of most schools (including uOttawa) writing final exams during the time of the World Cup. Reaching the World Cup was a difficult road: first the team had to work hard to qualify at the Canadian Regional Championships last November in Kingston, where they placed second. Then, the team had to defer dozens of exams and study months in advance so that they would be able to spend the weekend in Florida. Thirdly, the team invested in an online fundraiser, was given generous support by the University of Ottawa through the SFUO clubs fund, the Office of Allan Rock, and the School Spirit Council. Without these generous funds in addition to their own money, uOttawa Quidditch would never have been able to attend the World Cup.

uOttawa Quidditch sings the Canadian national anthem at the opening ceremonies. Credit: Isabella Gong

uOttawa Quidditch sings the Canadian national anthem at the opening ceremonies. Credit: Isabella Gong

While in Florida, several members of the team participated in a media scrum the Friday morning before World Cup – we invite you to peruse our updated Media section for pictures and news articles about the event.

Although the team lost our first game of pool play 70*-50 on Saturday in a snitch snatch to the NAU Narwhals, we came back with a solid win against the Boston Riot. Before our game against Marquette, the winners of the Midwestern Regional Championships, we passed around a flask of maple syrup. The taste of the homeland propelled us to a 110*-50 win over Marquette. Our final game of pool play came against Florida State University in an intense evening match where we were ultimately victorious 140*-80.

We started bracket play against Southwest Regional Champs Baylor University. In a frustrating-but-fun game, we ultimately lost 80-30* and were eliminated from the tournament. Baylor is an incredibly talented team and went on to lose to UCLA in the semifinals. You can see the full bracket and champions here.

Adam Robillard catches the snitch to propel uOttawa to victory over the Boston Riot. Credit: Emily Oliver Photography

Adam Robillard catches the snitch to propel uOttawa to victory over the Boston Riot. Credit: Emily Oliver Photography

Despite our exit in the Round of 32, uOttawa is proud of our showing the World Cup, particularly since 50% of our competitive team is either in their first year of university or their first year of playing quidditch. This bodes well for future competitions, as we will only continue to improve. We were honoured to represent Canada and the University of Ottawa on the world stage, and look forward to competing more broadly next year.


uOttawa Quidditch Executive Elections: Elections Actually

24 Mar


Well folks, the results are in! This afternoon uOttawa Quidditch held its Annual General Meeting and elections for the 2013-2014 Executive Elections. We were incredibly fortunate to have 15 wonderful candidates running; a blessing and a curse to have so many leaders eager to contribute to the growth of the team.

Starring Kiera Knightley and Colin Firth as the SECS

Starring Kiera Knightley and Colin Firth as the SECS

The SECS (Sexy Elections CommissionerS), outgoing exec members Chris Radojewski and Clare Hutchinson, are proud to announce the 2013-2014 exec:

Presidents: Tegan Bridge and Erin McCrady

VP Athletics (Coaches): Rebecca Alley and Adam Robillard

VP Social: Carina Hetherton

VP Finance: Marc Jan

VP Communications: Marisa Sauret

Hogwarts Head Boy: Chris Radojewski (Fozzie Bear was the winner of the popular vote, but unfortunately had not paid his membership fee and so was disqualified)

As a treat for you all, under the cut is Marisa Sauret’s campaign speech, which I’m sure you’ll agree is very entertaining.

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Help uOttawa Quidditch get to the World Cup!

13 Mar

uOttawa Quidditch is on our way to the World Cup in Kissimmee, Florida! We’re excited to be part of the premiere sporting event of the year, the pinnacle of our sport’s athletic competition. We will be competing against 79 other Division I teams from across the world, including teams from the USA, Italy, France, Mexico, and our very own Canada (Fleming College and the University of Toronto, although they did not originally qualify, are sending teams as part of the regional allocation process).

We’re incredibly excited to have the opportunity to represent uOttawa, the Ottawa quidditch community, and Canada. Because the World Cup falls during our final examination period, we’ve been hard at work deferring our exams and making sure our assignments and take-homes are squared away before we travel to Florida to play quidditch in the heat (no slush! It’s a quidditch miracle!).

We became known for our pre-game dance and cheer at WCV. Can you say reprise?

We became known for our pre-game dance and cheer at WCV. Can you say reprise?

However, World Cup poses significant challenges for our team even outside of the examination challenge. We have 21 competitive players, a coach, a Canadian Regional Director, and some lovely fans to take all the way to Florida, and unfortunately our dogsled won’t get us that far. To that end, we’ve been running an online fundraising campaign to help augment our on-campus fundraising, and we’ve been incredibly pleased and grateful by the support we’ve received so far. We would appreciate any support you’re able to give – we’ve received donations of $1 and $5, and donations of $214 and $250, and a full range of donations in between.

We’re not asking for your charity – we’ve got a full slate of awesome perks, prizes, and rewards you can claim for your donation. Whether it’s a signed t-shirt or sexy calendar you’d like, or a personalized quidcapella serenade or TARDIS tote bag, we can provide! Feel free to check out our perks and pick out that sparkly Snitch ornament, cozy hoodie, swag poster, or mix cd that best suits your tastes.

Here, we’ll tell you why:

2013 Executive Elections

13 Mar

It’s that time of year again! uOttawa Quidditch will vote on March 24th for the club’s 2013-2014 leadership. We are fortunate to have competition for most of the positions, a sign of a healthy and decentralized leadership. The candidates are:

President (2 positions)

  • Tegan Bridge
  • Erin McCrady

VP Athletics/Coach (2 positions)

  • Rebecca Alley
  • Adam Robillard
  • Matthew Bunn

VP Social (1 position)

  • Carina Hetherton
  • Candace Blake
  • Tom Corlett

VP Finance (1 position)

  • Katie Sharpe
  • Claire Steckle
  • Mathew McVeigh
  • Marc Jan
  • Vanessa Sevilla

VP Communications (1 position)

  • Marilyn Tourangeau
  • Marisa Sauret

Voting will be held on March 24th at an as-yet-to-be-determined location. You may only vote if you have paid your $20 membership fee. If you are unable to attend on March 24th and would like to cast your vote, you may do so by proxy but you must A) choose someone who will be present to proxy for you and inform them, and B) inform the Special Elections Commissioners Spectacular Clare Hutchinson and/or Chris Radojewski that you will be proxying. If you choose to proxy vote, you will be provided with written statements from the candidates in order to make your decision with the same amount of information those present will receive.

Best of luck! Any questions about the elections or the candidates can be directed to the Elections Commissioners.

Ives Pond

25 Feb

On January 25th, the University of Ottawa Quidditch Team travelled to Buffalo, NY to compete in the Ives Pond Invitational at the Buffalo Flurrious Winter Festival. We spent all day on the 26th competing against teams in the Northeast in the snow. In the morning, we faced rivals SUNY Geneseo and narrowly lost 50*-20 on a snitch snatch. We then faced the Steel City Quidditch Club from Pittsburgh, losing narrowly . We won 80-30* against Syracuse to round out pool play.


Beater Mat McVeigh

In bracket play, we faced SUNY Geneseo again in the quarter-finals, this time finding the momentum to win 130*-20. We proceeded to the semi-finals, where we would have faced our erstwhile companions from Carleton University Quidditch, but by that point the tournament had run out of the light and had to cease competition. The winner of that game would have gone on to face the winner of the other semi-final of the University of Rochester vs QC Pittsburgh.

Despite some bus troubles on the return trip, it was a successful tournament and another notch in our belt on the road to World Cup! It was great to see friends from other tournaments and teams again, and a fun day of competition was had by all.

Pictures from the event can be found at the link in this post by the IQA.


Members of uOttawa Quidditch and Carleton Quidditch

Looking for something fun to do this weekend?

18 Jan

This Saturday, uOttawa Quidditch will host Carleton, Algonquin, and Rochester Institute of Technology in a series of official and unofficial games. We’ll be playing at Lees park (next to the Lees apartment buildings) from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

The schedule is as follows:

10-10:30: Preliminaries
10:30-11:10 Game 1: uOttawa vs. Carleton (Official)
11:10- 11:50 Game 2: RIT vs. Algonquin (Unofficial)
12-12:40 Game 3: Carleton vs. Algonquin (Unofficial)
12:40-1:20 Game 4: uOttawa vs. RIT (Unofficial)
1:30-2:10 Game 5: uOttawa vs. Algonquin (Unofficial)
2:10-2:50 Game 6: RIT vs. Carleton (Official)

The Facebook event is here.

Come out and support your favourite teams!

2013 uOttawa Sexy Quidkid Calendar

3 Dec

Want to send uOttawa Quidditch to Florida to compete in World Cup VI? Irresistibly attracted to the members of uOttawa Quidditch and unsure how to get more of them in your life? Find your walls depressingly bare and your knowledge of important dates lacking?

Drink up that felix felicis, folks – it’s your lucky day!

This week, uOttawa Quidditch is releasing a 2013 calendar featuring some of your favourite quidkids. We’ll be releasing more promotional photos (ones not included in the calendar, so don’t fret if you’ve already seen a bunch – there’s loads more where those come from!) this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Promo Cam Movember IMG_7939

Oh, and the best part? They’re only $10 😉

Email to reserve a copy, stay tuned for our tabling times on-campus, or contact us when we announce they’re ready to go to have a copy mailed to you! If you’re far away, don’t fret – we’ll have them for cross-continent in-person sale in a few places:

  • Snow Cup in Utah, January 5th (out of Mama Clare’s backpack)
  • Vancouver, BC – Holiday break (out of Rebeccamom’s suitcase)
  • Calgary, AB – Holiday break (out of the satchel of Emperor Cam)

You can pick them up there, on campus at uOttawa, or ask a friend who’ll be in any of those places to get you one, or we’ll happily mail one to you!

Calendar Promo - Clare


Erin Promo Beaterbabe IMG_7698

uOttawa places second in the Canadian Cup, secures World Cup bid

15 Nov

This past weekend, uOttawa Quidditch travelled to Kingston to compete in the second inaugural Canadian Cup, which this year doubled as the Canadian Regional Championships, a chance for Canadian teams to compete for one of 3 bids to represent Canada and their schools at World Cup VI. The University of Ottawa’s team placed second, losing to McGill University (returning champions of last year’s Canadian Cup).


We did it, kids!

We went down the night before, getting a surprise phone call from our alumni keeper Colin in Japan that we passed around the bus (everything we dooooooooo we do it for youuuuuuuu) and surprising one very frazzled East Side Marios waitress who was A) the only server there, and B) clearly not expecting 35+ people to turn up at 9:30pm. To the East Side management: she deserves a raise.

The day began with wins over McMaster (200*-10), Fleming College (140*-20), and Guelph (270*-30) to emerge out of pool play as the #1 seed, with a point differential of 550+. The team then proceeded to the semi-finals against Queen’s. Although Queen’s participated in last year’s Canadian Cup in Ottawa, this year’s team was almost entirely a new squad. The game began with multiple penalties on both sides, and looked to be a rough game. uOttawa (our own squad quite new, with 48% of our competitive team either in their first year of university or their first year playing quidditch) settled down and powered through to finish 70*-10, securing our spot in the finals: in the second half of the game, Queen’s rarely advanced past midpitch.


Michelle Ferguson, Tiniest Badass

The final game against McGill University was relatively short due to a fast snitch-snatch by Plunger, McGill’s experienced seeker, and ended 90*-10 for McGill. Our entire team would like to congratulate McGill not only on their win, but on their good sportsmanship and a game played both physically and fairly. We look forward to playing them again, and are excited at the possibility of travelling to Florida with them (a decision that the team will be attempting to solidify in the coming weeks; World Cup VI is scheduled for April 13-14 during uOttawa’s exam schedules, but our team is pursuing a number of strategies in order to attend).

Joining uOttawa and McGill in the top 3 are our good friends at Carleton University Quidditch, who not only gave McGill a run for their money in their semi-final game (90-90* at the end of regular time, and 140^-90* at the end of overtime) but played as tense a consolation match as we’ve ever seen, winning 50^-40* over Queen’s in overtime. (There may have been a giant glomped circle of ourselves and Carleton chanting “Ottawa! Ottawa” at the end of the game. We’ll never tell.)

All in all, the Canadian Cup was a fantastic experience – a well-run tournament that ran on time with a bevy of dedicated snitches and referees and saw some fantastic hospitality from Queen’s in the form of bands and fling dancers. Our team came into its own after months of hard practicing, and was well-supported by our legions of travelling fans (we might be biased, but we think they’re the best).


Among our fans’ many excellent qualities: making personalized signs.

Although the entire team and horde of fans performed excellently this weekend, we’d like to mention a few stand-out players: newcomer Nick McKnight was both a Chasing force to be reckoned with and a stellar new seeker, catching 4/5 snitches on-pitch (run back to the pitch by our darling Kera Lanouette) on Sunday. Another newcomer, Brian Wong, scored a fantastic set of goals in a row against Guelph, and brought undeniable energy to the pitch. Chaser Cam Buie put forward a fantastic effort both offensively and defensively, our beaters were as on-point as we’ve ever seen them (we literally can’t pick a beater to spotlight: they are all incredibly strong), and Keeper Jamie Lafrance, well. Jamie Lafrance:

We’re looking forward to the coming regional championships to see who we’ll be cuddling up to at the World Cup in April – best of luck to all teams, and may you be both fantastic athletes and good sports.


Pre-finals beater huddle. (Photo credit to Erin Mulholland.)

The Canadian Cup

8 Nov

This weekend, uOttawa Quidditch heads to Kingston for the Eastern Canadian Regional Championships! We’ll be facing off against 12 other teams (including our Ottawa compatriots Carleton University Quidditch and Algonquin College Quidditch) from across Quebec and Southern Ontario for one of 3 spots to represent Canada at the World Cup this coming April!



The event is being held at Tindall Field on the Queen’s University campus on Sunday, November 11th. The opening ceremonies will begin at 9:15, the first game at 10am, and games through the day until the championship final at 5pm. The day will include a Remembrance Day ceremony. Our first game is against McMaster at 10am.

Last year, uOttawa Quidditch placed third at the inaugural Canadian Cup, and this year we look to win it all. Head out to Kingston to support us and to see a fantastic day of athletic competition! More information is available at the facebook event.


uOttawa Chaser Steven Kimball vs Queen’s in last year’s Canadian Cup.

Quidditch Without Borders

26 Oct

Remember the time the RIT Dark Marks came to visit us in Ottawa and it was just one big international quove-fest? We sure do!

Image of UOttawa, Carleton and RIT

This. This right here.

Well, there has been a distinct lack of Quidditch Without Borders going on in our lives this season. So, needless to say, we were thrilled when our good friends RIT invited us to the sunny south (right?) for the RIT Snow Belt Conference Meet this Saturday, October 27!

If you’re in the Rochester area, come on out for what promises to be a spectacular afternoon of quidditch. We’ll be playing RIT, our BFFs WEQL, SUNY Geneseo (the team that knocked us out of WCV – no hard feelings, guys, but we’re excited for a rematch!), and new opponents Aquinas Quidditch and Alfred University.

For more information, check out the Facebook event!