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Quidkid of the Week: Colin “The Fridge” and Tegan “Sexy Cactus”

27 Mar

This is Hashtags McCrady, reporting for duty. Get ready for the Quibbler’s most scandalous interview yet!

I know what you’ve all been thinking: uOttawa Quidditch is sexy. They know it. You’d like to date them. Trust me, folks, we’ve heard it all before. It seems impossible that we haven’t fallen for each other, right? There’s just GOT to be a quidcest quople or two going on, and you can’t go on for another moment without knowing the details.

Fear not, Quibbler readers! I have heard your calls for scandalous gossip and I have answered them with the might of 1000 bludgers.

Here this week, professing their love for one another for the first time in public, I have President Tegan and Keeper Colin, the team’s original and most scandalous quidcest! The star-crossed lovers sat down to discuss their torrid romance, their hopes for the game they love, and all manner of kitchen appliances. Brooms up!

Co-President Tegan “Sexy Cactus” Bridge

Tegan’s beau, Keeper Colin ‘Fridge’ Ellis

 Might I say, you two are absolutely adorable together. What programs and years are you in?

C: 4th year psychology student.

T: 3rd year English and classical studies.

And what brought the two of you to Quidditch?

C: I was looking to tone and get exercised. I had no idea that love might be in store for me.

T: It just seemed like the best possible way to spend my time at university.

With the best possible people, evidently. What positions do you two play?

C: As I like to tell people, including Tegan when we fight over trivialities, “But I’m a Keeper!”

T: On the pitch, I’m a Beater. Slightly to the side of the pitch, I’m the team photographer. When I’m up at 3 in the morning trying to finish things, I’m co-president, a role I share with my partner in crime, the lovely Clare.

Tegan displaying her beater skills, no doubt defending her beloved from oncoming chasers.

So Colin ‘Fridge’ Ellis and Tegan ‘Sexy Cactus’ Bridge, care to explain your nicknames?

C: I keep cool under pressure. I like cold things inside of me. You wouldn’t believe how low my kilowatt usage is. I’m usually the last thing in the house to get cleaned. But most of all, if a large kitchen appliance was running towards you on the field, you couldn’t stop it.

T: Our team came up with various strategies for this past year’s World Cup. One of them was Operation Snow Angel, the other was Operation Sexy Cactus and it involved getting very close to a certain Arizonian Quidditch team. That’s where I came in. Distractions are key.

Our favourite kitchen appliance barrelling down the pitch.

What has been the best moment of your quidditch career?

T: Chasing down a UPS truck in order to get our jerseys in time for the World Cup. The delivery hadn’t gone as planned and UPS asked that we go to their store at 3 pm to collect our package, except that our bus had to leave that day for New York City at noon and of course, it was Remembrance Day, so all the stores were closed for the morning so we had no way of contacting anyone from UPS. All in all, it involved Katie and I racing down the street after a runaway UPS truck and Rebecca jumping out of the shower and cycling down to Rideau so that she could sign for the package.

C: Meeting the love of my life.

T: …yes. I mean, uh, that too.

Oh, Tegan, always the hopeless romantic. What about the worst moment?

C: When they set out the team list. When they made the cuts to make the World Cup team, I’ve never been so nervous. But I should’ve known that the team needed a fine refrigerant.

T: When Steven took a broom to the eye at the World Cup and I saw all the red face paint on him and thought it was blood.

C: I thought it was when you thought I was leaving Ottawa.

T: …yes. That is what I meant.

Yes, our Fridge will be leaving us at the end of the year. (ED: the interview pauses for a moment as Tegan sheds a single tear. Colin wipes it away with his sparkly green keeper headband). What would you say is the greatest obstacle standing in the way of your formerly secret affair? Could it be the separation next year?

C: No, that would probably be my love of men(nonite culture. I really love finely made furniture).

T: No comment.

Well I’m sure the internet is just dying to know how you two first met. It’s a pretty adorable story!

C: We locked eyes from across the room and I downed my drink, while the rhythms boomed. Took her hand and skipped the names. No need here for the silly games. We made our way through the smoke and crowd. The club was the sky and I was on her cloud; moved in close as the lasers flew. Our bodies touched and the angels cried.

T: That’s not how I remember it at all.

And when did you realize you were meant to be together?

 T: I wouldn’t really say we’re together.

C: Yeah, there’s always been something between us, keeping us apart but I don’t know what.

 Could it be the Quidditch family’s opinion of your relationship? How do they feel about it?

T: This is the first they’re hearing of it.

C: I always wanted to come out with a bang.

Why have you kept your torrid romance a secret from the team so long?

C: I figured no one would understand. Everyone thinks that I’m this quiet soft-spoken unassuming lady-killer. (Ed: *snort*) I guess I just didn’t want to shatter the illusion.

T: I don’t think “torrid” is the word I’d use. Or “romance”. Or “secret”.

We had no idea this display was actually an attempt to seduce Tegan. Apparently it worked.

Well in the interest of the secrecy of your torrid romance (Tegan’s words, not mine), let’s get back to Quidditch. What are your jersey numbers? Any significance to them?

C: 41. When I was 9 there were 141 jelly beans in the Guess the Number of Jelly Beans in the Jar and I won the game. Since then, 41 and 141 have been my numbers.

T: 9 3/4. If you’re not sure what that means, read the books. (*cough* Matt *cough*)

What about your Hogwarts houses?

C: I am a Hufflepuff at heart, regardless of what any internet test says. GRYFFINDOR YOU’LL NEVER HAVE ME!!!

T: Ravenclaw.

And what would your best subject or major be at Hogwarts?

T: Charms. For obvious reasons.

C: She says that, but her levitating charm has never worked on me. For me, Defense Against the Dark Arts. I kill a mean closet Boggart.

Well, Tegan, let’s put that charm to the test. Describe Quidditch with as much innuendo as possible.

C: First, straddle a hard piece of wood.

T: You might have to wiggle a bit and adjust to get comfortable. That’s the magical part.

C: It’s kind of like a PG orgy. Anyone who doesn’t know the rules thinks it’s chaos, but there are definitely rules.

T: With safe words, like Princess.

C: So, in all, a little bit wild and sometimes dirty, but a definite good time.

… Oh goodness. If you two had chestmonsters (a la Harry’s strange new feelings in HP6), what would their names be?

C: Harold.

T: …I was going to say Harold… fine, Eugene.

C: Tegan, you said you weren’t going to do this in public anymore. You need to start respecting my feelings. And Harold’s.

Colin staring down photographer Tegan, in what is clearly a sexy fashion.

Did Snitch Kera try to steal Tegan’s man? Something has her upset.

Matching chestmonsters- adorable! I give it a few months to go global as the next big ‘couple’ thing. If you two began a magical family together and it came time to choose a family pet, what would it be and what would you name it?

T: It would be a Unicorn named Joe.

C: Are we not Crumple-Horned Snorkacking?

T: Save that for later. 

Let’s talk a little more about that family…If you two had a child together, what would its name be and where would it fit into the ‘11 years later’ epilogue of HP7?

C: It would be a boy, a little mini-fridge. But not a beer fridge. Because we’d raise it right.

T: Renesmee. Or Bo.

C: He would be Albus Severus’ Sassy Gay Friend. He’d keep the later generation free of angst without the Mio commercials.

What animal would you change into if you were an animagus?

C: Is a fridge an animal?

T: No.

C: Then a microwave.

T: This is why this won’t work. I’d be a doe. Because that’s what my name means… and I have an everlasting love for Alan Rickman.

To conclude, what are your wildest hopes and dreams for Quidditch?

C: I am retiring this year, so I really hope that it will continue and that uOttawa will come out on top.

T: Well, the IQA is already more popular than the International Quilt Association on Google search results, so I don’t really think there’s anything left that we haven’t achieved.

True, true. That was always the dream. Well, thank you two so much for taking time out of your busy couples’ schedule of farmers markets and brunch dates to talk to the Quibbler! We simply couldn’t keep the team’s original quouple a secret for any longer.


This ends our interview with Tegan and Colin, but the fun doesn’t end here! Tweet @uo_quidditch all week to have your most scandalous questions answered.

We’re also holding a competition to find a quouple nickname for our team’s proverbial Brangelina. Send your best suggestions to us to obtain a fabulous prize!


Teglin? Colgan? Sexy Fridge? You decide! Bonus points for jokes about their height difference.


A Very Mean Girls Practice

27 Mar


“On Sundays we wear our Beater shirts. You’re only allowed to wear another position’s shirt one day a week, Kera. I guess you picked today.”


“Get in, loser. We’re going bludging.”


“Your face smells like peppermint.”


“Okay Reilly, you should know that we don’t do this a lot, so this is, like, a really big deal. We want to invite you to practice with us every day for the rest of the season.”


“Coach Carr, step away from the underage girls!”


“And evil takes a human form in Hashtags McCrady. She’s fabulous, but she’s evil.”


uOttawa Quidditch on CTV Morning

22 Mar

Watch us teach the hosts of CTV how to play Quidditch (in high heels, no less!) with some good old-fashioned half-court sidewalk scrimmaging.

That’s right: uOttawa Quidditch is now breakfast television levels of hardcore.

Quidditch Tournament this Saturday! Tournoi de Quidditch ce samedi!

21 Mar
The Quidditch teams of University of Ottawa, Carleton, and Rochester Institute of Technology are playing in a mini-tournament next weekend (SAT. MAR. 24) at 12 noon at Strathcona Park.THAT’S RIGHT, A REAL LIVE QUIDDITCH TOURNAMENT. Strap on your goggles and bring a chair to Strathcona for a day of broomsticks and awesomeness.

A schedule will be finalized this week, but there will be official games between all teams present, as well as a series of fun games (including a special guest from Nantes Quidditch in France!).

Les équipes de Quidditch de l’Université d’Ottawa, Carleton, et Rochester Institute of Technology participent à un tournoi cette fin de semaine (samedi, 24 Mars) à 12 h au parc Strathcona.VOUS AVEZ BIEN COMPRIS, UN VRAI TOURNOI DE QUIDDITCH. Apportez vos lunettes protectrices et une chaise à Strathcona pour une journée de balais et amusement.

Le programme sera fixé cette semaine, mais toutes les équipes participèrent à des jeux officiels, et à des jeux pour le fun.


Quidkid of the Week #6 – Katie Sharpe

16 Mar

Faster than a speeding bludger! Able to build tall buildings in a single bound! Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s Katie Sharpe, our Quidkid of the Week! Katie is a Beater and one of the team’s ickle firsties. As an engineering student, Katie doesn’t have nearly as much free time as us mere mortals. Nevertheless, she took some time out of her busy schedule to meet with me atop her self-constructed Impenetrable Fortress of Awesome and talk nicknames and Nundus (SPOILER ALERT: she lacks but desires both). Brooms up!


Let’s start off with your program and year.

First year Civil Engineering with a specialization in Structural Engineering. Much as the team likes to tease me for it, I will remind them that there must have been some type of engineering involved in the building of Hogwarts.

Katie’s engineering prowess was integral in leading uOttawa Quidditch to the esteemed position of University’s #1 Blanket Fort Builders* (*actual title)

Katie’s engineering prowess was integral in leading uOttawa Quidditch to the esteemed position of University’s #1 Blanket Fort Builders 

Is it too late to change your specialization to Magical Engineering? The world needs more Burrow-esque, architecturally impossible buildings. Because screw physics, that’s why! Now what brought you to Quidditch?

Around the time that Prisoner of Azkaban came out my parents got the box set of the first three Harry Potter books. My dad would always take a bit of time each night and read a few chapters of them to me before bedtime. As I got older more Harry Potter books got released and it became a tradition to read each book together before we read it again on our own. I didn’t actually think about Quidditch as a viable sport until 2010 when I was talking to a co-worker (also a HP fan) who had seen an article about the Carleton University team. I was quite heart broken when I had to make the final decision between uOttawa and Carleton, knowing that uOttawa didn’t have a team. It was definitely the highlight of my first week of university when I saw the table proudly proclaiming “Quidditch!” to all of the first years.

Well, the table AND Claremom running through campus in full snitch regalia while handing out flyers. What position do you play?

I belong to the uOttawa Beater coven.

And well you should, Beaters are far superior to all other positions. I say this as an impartial interviewer who is obviously NOT a Beater. As a first-year member of the team, what would you say has been the best moment of the season for you?

It would have to be when I saw my name on the roster for the Ives Pond tournament in January. I was so excited to finally be able to play!

What was the worst?

It goes hand in hand with the best moment; when I realized I wouldn’t be able to play in the Ives Tournament since I had done something to my left ankle during the first practice back from winter break.

For anyone who keeps up with the Quidkid series, I think there’s a noticeable pattern in our players’ worst moments. We’re a quinjury-prone bunch! We’ve also got a team full of stupendous nicknames. Katie, what’s yours?

I am part of the unfortunate (elite) few that remain nickname-less. I sign my name as “She who has no nickname” on all the Quidditch doodles.

Well, lucky for you, I happen to be a wealth of nickname knowledge. Just ask Quiddad Chris! The gears are turning… While I think, why don’t you tell us about your jersey number; is there any significance to it?

I chose the number 5. I’ve been playing house league soccer for about 10 years now and number has always been either 5 or 13. Since 13 was taken I chose 5.

Katie showing off her jersey. #sexyandsheknowsit

Speaking of houses, which one are you?

I consider myself a Gryffinpuff. I like to think I have the best of both houses, as long as you consider foot-in-mouth syndrome a good trait. I have been known to think like a Ravenclaw once in a while, not very often. 

As a member of a hybrid house (Gryffinpuff), if you could create a fifth Hogwarts house, what would its name, mascot, and key traits be?

The house would be Dugranden, its mascot would be the fox, and its key traits would be trickery (ie. pranks) and cleverness.

Using some of that trademark Dugranden cleverness, please share with us your favourite HP pickup line.

I play Quidditch, there need be no other words said.

Katie “No Words- Just Emotions” Sharpe, If you could choose a Harry Potter character to be your significant other, who would it be and what would your ideal date with them consist of?

George Weasley would be my beau. We would go and play Quidditch with the alumni Gryffindor team before we went for a picnic lunch on a grassy hill somewhere. We would go exploring all over England (using his ability to apparate of course).

Katie (pictured center) doesn’t let teammates’ death or pole dancing distract her from the game.

An excellent choice, I hear the Rebeccas are still dueling over Fred. The Weasleys are definitely a popular bunch amongst our players! What would your best subject be at Hogwarts?

I think I would be rather good at Transfiguration. I am pretty good at visualizing objects with lots of detail in my head. Care of Magical Creatures would also be a good subject for me. I love learning about and being around animals.

Speaking of animals, if you had a magical pet, what would it be and what would you name it?

I would like to have a Nundu, and I would name him Todd. (The Fox and the Hound was a favourite movie of mine)

Ladies and gents, you heard it here first! Katie ‘the Carnivore’ Sharpe wants a gigantic leopard with toxic, disease-filled breath and a Ministry of Magic classification akin to that of a basilisk as a pet! It takes no less than 100 wizards to subdue such a creature, but I bet Katie gets the beast playing with a comically oversized ball of yarn faster than you can say ‘bludged’. I’m almost afraid to ask now, but what would your patronus be?

It would be a dog of some kind, probably a Labrador Retriever. I believe that the traits those dogs possess are ones that are mirrored in myself.

Terror residing. Name something of equal or greater Awkward-Value to a hug from Voldemort.

Meeting your boy/girlfriend’s parents. There is just so much that can go wrong. I do realize that I just compared said parents to Voldemort, but they are just that scary.

On the list of the many things that can go wrong, comparing them to dark wizards can’t be that high up on the list. If you were going to hide bits of your soul, what would you use as a horcrux?

I think I would take a page from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and use the most random objects that I could find. For instance, right now I see a bottle of cream, orange scissors and a speaker.

What’s Katie hiding in that scarf? BITS OF HER SOUL? The uOttawa Quibbler wants to know!

UOttawa Quidditch kindly requests that you do not play ‘rock, paper, scissors’ with bits of Katie’s soul. Katie ‘Rock, Paper, HORCRUX’ Sharpe, what magical gadget would you find most useful?

I really would like an invisibility cloak, then I can fulfill my dreams of being a super spy. I would roll around corners singing the Mission Impossible theme song, and everyone would think there was a ghost spy near them. It would be awesome!

Katie “The ‘S’ Stands for Super Spy” Sharpe, How would the room of requirement present itself to you?

Walking in the first thing I would see is a decently sized log cabin on top of a gently sloping hill and framed by tall trees. Beyond the cabin, at the bottom of the hill, a wooden dock extends into a lake full of clear blue water. The temperature is warm, but not too warm, and a gentle Southern breeze rustles the leaves. For me it would be a quiet place to think surrounded by the noises of nature


This concludes our interview with Katie “Engineering Awesomeness” Sharpe. Do you have any questions for her? Maybe a favourite colour or a deep dark secret? How about invasive personal questions about a certain Quidkid? Tweet us all your quips, queries and quaffles (okay maybe not the quaffles. Actually, you know what? Tweet us a quaffle. I challenge you.) and Katie will be bound by unbreakable vow to answer them. I’ll see you all next week. Until then, stay classy, internet. 

Quidkid(s) of the Week: Double double, Rebecca and trouble

7 Mar

Due to my overwhelming laziness last week (Reading Week – that’s Canadian Spring Break – is a valid excuse), I missed an article. Now, I know that all of you have been wandering aimlessly in a state of uOttawa Quidkid deprivation, gazing listlessly out windows with rain trickling slowly down the panes, banging your heads against the wall, periodically falling to your knees and shouting to the heavens. This ends today. For today, I bring you not one, but TWO Quidkids of the week. Hold onto your bowler hats, ladies and gents, it’s an all-new Quidkid of the Week: now with 200% more Rebecca than ever before!


Quidkid #1: Rebecca Alley – Coach Rebeccamom!

Quidkid #2: Rebecca Junior!

That’s right! This week I had the incredibly humbling experience of interviewing two generations of the uOttawa Quidditch family. Coach Rebeccamom and same-age daughter Rebecca Jr. both sat down with me to discuss family, frogs, and Fred. Brooms up!

If you look to the furthest reaches of this photobombception, you’ll see Rebeccamom and Junior! Like quidmother, like quiddaughter.

Let’s start with our usual set of Muggle questions: What programs and years are you ladies in?

JR: I’m nearing the end of my second year (Ack! Already?!) in French Studies with a minor in German Language and Culture.

Mom: I’m in my second year of Human Kinetics. The science-y version of it.

And what brought the two of you to Quidditch?

JR: When I learned that I couldn’t play Quidditch on Pottermore, I needed to find an alternative, especially since I am no longer able to count down days eagerly in anticipation of the next Harry Potter book/movie. I also have family from Transylvania, a region in Romania that boasts the National Quidditch Team that beat the English National Team 390-10 at the Quidditch World Cup of 1994. So, I guess you could say Quidditch is in my blood.

Mom: A friend from paddling told me about the team and we were going to join together, but she ended up not being able to. I was skeptical of joining by myself when I found out that my lab partner was joining! So we went together and I absolutely loved it and kept coming back.

Bonus question for Mom! What made you decide to give coaching a try?

Mom: Coaching seemed like a lot of fun and I really wanted to get more involved with the team, so it was a logical next step. Chris (Coach #2 and absentee father) and I didn’t know each other all that well; we bonded through the coaching process.

Rebeccamom and Daddy using their stern coaching voices at World Cup V

What is your jersey number? Is there any significance to it?

JR: This is quite ridiculous, I warn you: but in grade 10 I didn’t do so hot on my first trigonometry test. 72% was my mark. I was not impressed and my friends teased me forever about it (cue the beginning of the infamous “Knock knock! Who’s there? 72!” jokes). Eventually, we turned the negative connotation into something of pure awesome (ie. “72? AWWW YEAAAA”).

Mom: My number is 4, because I’m always in the back of the K4 when I paddle.

What position do you play?

JR: Chaser/Dancer/Theme Song Writer.

Mom: When I’m on the field I’m usually a Seeker, although I may start Chasing soon enough.

Both Rebeccas play a multitude of on- and off-field roles. No doubt the two of you have had some marvelous Quidditch experiences! (Quexperiences…? Quidperiences…? There ought to be a quocabulary word for that.) What has been the best moment of your Quidditch career sofar?

JR: Receiving my jersey. It wa so beautiful that I couldn’t stop grinning as soon as I put it on. (Ed: it is a well-documented fact that uOttawa Quidditch has some of the sexiest jerseys in the quorld.)

Mom: The entire World Cup V experience. Seeing the team playing their hardest and working really well together was a proud mommy moment, not to mention the spirit and energy we brought was amazing.

The moms (flanking a drummer from… Texas, of all places) lead us into battle at World Cup V!

How about the worst or scariest?

JR: The scariest moment was definitely my first quinjury! Thanks to my superb grace and poise, I tripped over my own feet while running through a Beater drill and tore a muscle near my knee. And, because I grew up in the dance world, a knee injury is a nightmare and I was terrified. But all was well.

Mom: Quinjury for me as well. One of our earliest conditioning sessions of the season, we were running suicides in the dark (Ed: We’re kind of hardcore) and I sprained my ankle. I heard a snap, and then had to sit on the sidelines for the rest of practice coaching while I iced it… then I had to walk home.

( Interviewer note: I was at that practice. She made us keep running suicides. She yelled at us THROUGH TEARS to run fasterIt was terrifying.)

So, Junior mentioned dance, and Mom, you’re huge into kayaking. What is the biggest similarity between Quidditch and your fake sports?

JR: I’ve been dancing since the age of 4, so I definitely bring my dance-ability to the pitch in every circumstance.

Mom: The amount of running involved in training is probably where the similarities start AND end. Kayaking and Quidditch are obviously both team sports, but in a different way. Quidditch definitely has a lot more of the social aspect of team play. Other than that, they’re opposites for me: Quidditch is on land, paddling is a water sport, Quidditch is for the school year, paddling is for the summer… they’re pretty different.

Since, as I am sure the two of you are aware, you play Quidditch with a band of absolute geniuses who navigated the perils of a double-Rebecca situation, tell us about the stellar nicknames they created.

JR: I grew up in a small Muggle community, and while every witch-to-be notices she can do certain unexplainable things (such as being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound), the only truly bizarre thing I ever noticed about my childhood was all of the brooms found at my house: at least two in the house, one in the garage, one in the shed in our backyard, and two in my closet. My Muggle parents directed me to use the brooms to clean. Once, my Muggle father even taught me how to properly sweep. Anyway, after a few stints of flying down my neighbour’s hill on a broom (which I placed on top of a toboggan and sat on as I slid down the hill) and flying into the pool (my Muggle mother often encouraged me to jump in the air with a broom between my legs to give the illusion of flight), I was on my way to Ottawa. I soon discovered that I had secretly been trained as a Quidditch player throughout my childhood! To my surprise, I was then reunited with my mother, Rebeccamom. The other quidkids were unable to address Rebecca and me without confusion, so I was christened “Rebecca Junior” or “Junior” for short.

Mom: “Rebeccamom” just sort of happened. Since the team has both two Rebeccas and two moms (myself and Claremom), it’s a quick way to differentiate.

Junior’s childhood problems included inability to leap tall buildings in a single bound and a lack of flying brooms, but snitches? Not a problem.

Does the quid-family have a Weasleyesque hereditary Hogwarts house, or are you two in different ones?

JR: I’m proud to say that I have two thumbs and I’m a Hufflepuff! Also I’m a particularly good finder and my great finds include, but are not limited to, 112 punch buggies every day. No word of a lie.

Mom: Gryffinpuff. The hint of Gryffindor found its way in there only because Hufflepuffs think before they act, and I don’t.

Editor’s note: say ‘hereditary Hogwarts house’ five times fast. Go!

Definitely a Hufflepuff.

Where would you FIND yourselves most often if you lived at Hogwarts?

JR: I would really like to hang out in the Kitchen and learn new recipes. I swear this is not a S.P.E.W. movement, just a general love of food and cooking!

Mom: Outside on the grounds, just exploring. I would probably end up in the Forbidden Forest a few times.

Rebecca Junior makes a BOLD statement on the plight of house elf equality! If you had a magical creature as a pet, what would it be and what would you name it?

JR: I would have a Fwooper named Gertrude McFuzz.

Mom: I would want a Centaur, but it would be my friend since I think it would object to being a pet. I guess I wouldn’t get to name it then. 

What would your patronus be?

JR: A monkey (Monkey inspiration in my life includes: Abu from Aladdin, the flying monkeys of Oz, and my being a monkey on the Chinese zodiac).

A stunningly accurate self-portrait of Junior.

Mom: It would have to be a water animal. This isn’t a Hermione reference, but it would probably be an otter. They’re playful and live in the water, which I essentially do as well.

What would your best subject/major be at Hogwarts?

JR: I definitely would strive in Divination, even though most people consider it to be a fluffy subject. I’m a great admirer of tea and would enjoy drinking tea in order to read the leaves. I also believe that my Transylvanian heritage has given me some of my magical powers: Transylvania is known to be a land of mystery and magic!

Mom: I think I’d like Care of Magical Creatures or Herbology because they’re both really hands-on. Those or potions, but only if Snape wasn’t teaching.

Which Harry Potter character do you see yourself as?

JR: I like to believe I share Ginny’s independence and wittiness and her not-being-a-wimp-ness. Also, we both play Quidditch.

Mom: According to the team, I’m Oliver Wood.

Oliver Wood 2.0 coaching her minions – I mean, uh, her team.

Yes, mom. Yes you are. If you could choose a Harry Potter character to be your significant other, who would it be and what would your ideal date with them consist of? I will stress again that I am referring to Harry Potter characters ONLY, not certain Quidkids…I think one of you knows what I mean… 😉

JR: Fred Weasley would instigate our date by asking me to go to go to the Yule Ball after Snape had just smacked Ron on the head with a textbook. Before the ball, we would adventure through the hidden passages to Hogsmede where we’d eat Honeyduke’s candy, create puns, and find things. Before we know it, it will be the evening and snow will be falling (what can I say? I’m a Canadian – my imagination is full of snow whether I like it or not!). Fred will have planned some grand scheme that I will then be able to enjoy such as exploding fireworks in Umbridge’s office or musical endeavor like singing silly songs about Ron’s love for Viktor Krum. Everything will be paid for by his hard-earned Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes income.

Mom: This is awkward… I was going to say Fred as well. We would find a bunch of friends and play a real quidditch game, then go to dinner. Knowing Fred, hilarity and hijinks would ensue!

A palpable tension fills the room. No doubt the Rebeccas are internally plotting their schemes to win Fred’s affections. I can sense these things. Quick, subject change! What wizarding food would you most enjoy?

JR: I’m quite fond of the Muggle version of Chocolate Frogs (and I even have collected a few cards over the years). That being said, a live version of one of my favourite magical treats would be scrumptious, I’m sure!

Mom: I feel like eating something that tried to jump away would be weird though… I think pumpkin juice would be great.

Wild Boggart appears! What would it look like and what would be your ‘ridikkulus’ thought to get rid of it?

JR: My Boggart would be, without a doubt, the witch from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! What kind of children’s movie features such a horrible character! I’d point my wand at that wretched witch and “Ridikkulus” her to a water-induced melted mess à la Wizard of Oz.

Or, what with all this snow, you could freeze her into a witchsicle.

Mom: The only thing I can think of is sick/endangered loved ones… there really isn’t a way to make that funny. I would have to have a Lupin-save where he jumps in front of me and turns the moon into a deflated balloon.

Finally, we’ll finish off with some questions on your hopes and dreams for the sport that all of us, Rebecca or not, love so dearly. How do you explain quidditch to those in your life who were previously unaware of it?

JR: Generally I can just say “Quidditch… you know, the game from Harry Potter” and anyone who knows me would know what I’m talking about. One of the many perks of being a crazy, adoring fan of the almighty Rowling.

Mom: After they stop laughing at me, I usually tell them it’s a lot harder than it sounds and, yes, we do run around with brooms between our legs. Usually explaining it as a combo of cross country running, rugby, basketball, dodgeball and wrestling convinces them there’s a little more to the sport than geeking out. If that doesn’t, telling them it’s co-ed and full contact usually does the trick.

In a world where anything and anyone could play quidditch, what would your dream match be?

JR: I would get a hoot out of watching a game of Quidditch with Ellen Degeneres as the commentator, no matter who or what was playing.

Mom: I’d just like to see a real game of flying quidditch. Regardless of who’s playing, that would just be awesome. Also, I would replace brooms with hippogriffs.


To paraphrase T.S. Eliot, this is how the interview ends: not with a broom, but a hippogriff. I’m sure that’s what he was going for originally. Be sure to tweet @uo_quidditch this week with questions for our dynamic duo of Rebeccas! 

The family sass-resemblance is definitely noticeable