Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Permafrost

13 Feb

The following is a tale of successful engineering and not-so-successful 4-seasons planning.

We previously stored the concrete bases for our hoops in the bushes by our pitch because it seemed like a smarter idea than continuing to drag them around in compost bins. This was a totally smart idea, for the first few months of school.

And then we remembered that we live in Canada.

Since all the concrete blocks froze into the ground, we’ve just been playing half-pitch Quidditch with the 3 we were able to free or using giant snow mounds as bases for the past two months, but Carleton came to visit on Sunday. Since they are our Big Sister Team we needed to look our fanciest/prove we could tie our shoes on our own, so we tried to free them from the snow, ice, and frozen ground using the following:

1) A crowbar (yes, we own a crowbar. Why? Because Canada, that’s why)

2) A thoroughly abused hammer

3) Tea kettles full of hot water

4) Pieces of wood

5) Our bare hands (rawr)

6) Large amounts of moxie and ingenuity

FYI, melting the ice around it is not the hard part – melting THE GROUND underneath the bases is significantly harder.

Basically what you need to know is that A) Joel Bandy is a champ, and 2) you need to warn us next time we decide something like this is a good idea.

uOttawa Quidditch: 3

Winter: 0

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