“Is that Quidditch?! Awesome!”

13 Sep

This Sunday we had our very first ever University of Ottawa quidditch practice, right in the middle of campus on Tabaret Lawn. (Hear that? Everyone who came, you helped make HISTORY.) With a fantastic turnout of 65 people, there are now even more muggles in Ottawa who know how to ride broomsticks, score with a quaffle, and knock people out with bludgers. We also had a couple of excellent snitches and seekers, including one snitch who dropped off the side of the Tabaret staircase to avoid capture, and another who hid out in the outhouses on the side of the field (smart move!).

The practice started with some drills:

Showing them how it's done.

First broken broom of the season!

Then, on to the scrimmaging. The old hands from last year (plus a couple extras) started off to give everyone an idea of what to do and let them watch a game.

At the blue team's end, looks like Alex is about to score!

Chris getting ready to take to the field

And then, it was time for everyone to play. See if you can find yourself in one of the pictures! If you couldn’t make it out this weekend (but think that this looks like fun), come out next weekend and try playing! Newcomers are always welcome (as long as you’re not a Death Eater. If you’re Snape, it’s OK, but nobody else.)


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