Back to school, back to quidditch!

6 Sep

UOttawa Quidditch has a bunch of exciting events going on this fall. Stay tuned for updates as they happen!

This Thursday, Sept. 8, we have a table in the UCU answering questions about all things Quidditch, between 10:00 and 5:00. We also will be having a snitch chase on campus, so keep an eye out for either a bright yellow snitch or a bunch of seekers on brooms!

This Sunday, Sept. 11, is the FIRST QUIDDITCH PRACTICE of the year! It’s open to anyone to join, find out what quidditch is like, and meet other like-minded muggles (or at least wizards who haven’t got our letters yet). If you want to come, bring your own broom at 1:00 to Tabaret Lawn (this is subject to change, so stay tuned) and be ready to run, jump, roll, dodge, and have fun.

We will be having a bake sale on Saturday night/Sunday morning for all the ickle firsties coming back from Fedstock. Look for us selling cauldron cakes, butterbeer, and other delicious treats!

Later in September, the 17 and 18, we’ll be having a training camp, both days from 1-4pm. This is designed to develop skills especially for those who are new to the sport. This will be very beneficial for veterans as well. Anyone who wants to be on the competitive team should consider this a must.

We also have some competitive events that we’ll need both cheering sections and players for, so if you can’t play we’d love to see you out to cheer for us at the Canadian Cup, at Carleton on Sat. October 29, or on our bus to New York City for the Quidditch World Cup on November 12!! We also are planning to enter a team in the dodgeball intramurals, so come on out and cheer for your quidditch players!

That’s all for now, but check back this fall for pictures and stories about all those events and more.


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