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First Round of Sign-Ups Complete

26 Nov

We spent the day in the UttawaU University Centre collecting signatures from students interested in participating. Members of the Carleton Quidditch team assisted at the event, explaining the game and giving demonstrations to amused and excited UofO students. Our goal was to generate enough interest that we could apply for club status. We needed a minimum of 15 signatures. By the time we left, we had a total of 74–seven times what we needed. Not only that, we’ve since received e-mails from students who were unable to register this morning but are still interested in playing.

Now that we have well over the required number of members, we will be working on putting together a constitution and applying for club status with the SFUO.

Watch for us in January, we’re coming up with lots of fun event and fundraising ideas.  We’re also going to start having practices and scrimmages.

Don’t forget, Carleton is playing CUSERT this Sunday from 2-4 p.m. at Anniversary Park, at Carleton U.  Want to watch a live game? I encourage you to check it out. You have a U-Pass, now put it to good use.


Come visit us!

23 Nov

We will have a table in the University centre this Friday from 9 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon. Come check us out!